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Mere Sai 19th May 2022 Balvant says to Santa Banta, good my plan is working the kids will forget these Kesari and motherland nonsense. Kulkarni says I told you you will need me, Balvant says who would understand better than you problems of not knowing English, I am just kidding but real fun will be to see Srikant and now lets see how Sai will help them because kids will be so demotivated that they will forget Sai too.

Sai says I got milk for kids, it will give them strength. Sai pours milk in Kulhad brought by Srikant and distributes in kids. Srikant says to Sai, these kids use to be so happy now look at their excitement how Balvant has broken them, so that they get demotivate and feel less about themselves.

Sai takes milk in one Kulhad and water in one and adds jaggery to it. Sai asks Srikant to taste milk,Srikant tastes and says very sweet. Sai asks now taste water. Srikant says this ks sweet too. Sai says jaggery may dissolve in water or milk but it doesn’t loose its sweetness, now milk is Hindi and water English, and Sugar education, so now you have to teach with water.

Kulkarni says to Balvant, Sai won’t give up so easily. Balvant says lets go and see what are these two upto.
Srikant teaching kids English. Srikant see Chetan not repeating and asks what is wrong, try once. Chetan tries, Srikant says no repeat after me, Chetan repeats. Srikant says very good and makes everyone practice.

Balvant and Kulkarni see Srikant teaching kids. Kulkarni about to walk to them, Balvant stops him and says Srikant and Sai are restless and this is the proof because they know their end is near and so all this, but you can’t learn English like this. Kulkarni says but Srikant is breaking rules and you will let him ho? Balvant says kids will be punished for Srikant and Sai’s initiative.

Balvant welcomes ICS officer, he says I am here because villagers burnt English goods and I will stay here and make sure it won’t repeat. Balvant says don’t worry all is under control, I have made all arrangements to stop anti British movement and tells his whole plan to him. Officier says my daughter is with me here, she is very talented and she will be joining here. Balvant says sure.

Srikant asks Kids to leave for school. Kids revert to him, with English words. Sai says very good but go school now, or else you will be late. Kids happily leave for school. Sai says Srikant keep working hard and supporting them and all problems will be solved.

Balvant asks Malti is she ready, she says yes and says you asked me to be strict but what you want me to do today, its kind of illegal. Balvant says you don’t worry about that, worry about the fact that if you fail you will be transferred to a very poor village. Balvant thinks when villagers will learn that Sai and Srikant are reason their kids are suffering they will throw them out of village.

Balvant and Malti surprised seeing Shirdi kids speak English. Balvant says good, I am here to announce new mandate, there will be surprise test in English and whoever fails will no longer allowed in school. Prahlad says but you didn’t teach much. Malti said you had books why didn’t you study. Balvant says Srikant must have taught something too, anyways you will be asked questions you have learned but answer compulsory in English and you have 1hr to prepare. Shridi kids pray to Sai.

ICS officer with his daughter on way to school, tell her you will be admitted to this school, there is an entrance exam and when you will come first, I will celebrate qnd today’s reason of test to throw village kids out of school, so it will be easy for you. Meena says I am not a topper, I lied because I am scares of you, I passed but never came in top3. He says how is this possible. Meena says you never cared and I am ordinary student and runs away.

Other kids make Shirdi kids nervous by teasing them. Balvant thinks good now with all nervousness they won’t be able to study.

Meena runs into jungle gets lost. Sai walks to her and says lie takes you away from your loved ones.

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Mere Sai 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Balvant asks Shridi kids to leave school. They deny, Balvant forces them out. Sai walks in.

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Telecast Date:19th May 2022
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