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Mere Sai 19th July 2022 Vishwas waiting for Sharad asks Vaishali when will Sharad come home. Vaishali says I don’t know, Vaishali feels uneasy, Vishwas gets her water. Sharad walks in and says this must be because of not eating on time. Vaishali says you look restless and eyes are red too, are you fine.

Sharad stumbles, Vishwas holds him. Vaishali asks whats wrong. Sharad says nothing and says Vishwas look what I have got for you and gives him gifts he bought for him. Sharad says I will bring all the happiness for my son. Vaishali says yesterday he was being scolded for lying and you got him this instead of talking to him.

Sharad says Vishwas do your work on time and go play now. Vaishali says he should be going to bed now. Sharad says look I got you earrings, I got promoted. Vaishali says you are drunk and that too on Guru Purnima. Sharad says I am a foreman now and supervisor asked me to come with him, how can I say no.

Vaishali says you are changed and all in the influence of money, why don’t you understand we need your time and not money, your son doesn’t smile anymore and your parents miss you and you don’t even understand us. Sharad through earrings box on her and says take it if you want or else leave it don’t spoil my mood.

Kulkarni reaches Dwarka Mai abd starts yelling at Sai. Sai not there in Dwarka Mai. Kulkarni sees Dwarka Mai renovated and says you insulted me and now hiding, I won’t spare you I will tale my revenge.

Santa Banta asks worker to demolish Dwarka Mai. Worker unable to lift the hammer, he tries hard and says it suddenly became very heavy, Kulkarni scolds him, he applies lot of force, he looses control and the hammer flies and about to hit Kulkarni, Sai saves him.

Sai says to Kulkarni every action has consequences. Kulkarni says shutup, Sai asks how come you are here. Kulkarni says you ruined my plan to gift Henry cub and insulted me infront of them and for all the past episodes I will take revenge, so better get me the cub or else I will torture your devotee.

Sai says why trouble someone, you are here to ask for help, let me help. Sai makes tiger sounds. Santa Banta and Kulkarni laugh at him and call him mad. Kulkarni hears tigress voice. Kulkarni gets scared. Sai says its the Tigress she is coming here with her cub, you can take the cub from her. Others don’t here any voice and say what noise are they talking about.

Scared Kulkarni says Henry has left so no need to call tigress now. Sai says as you wish. Kulkarni says last warning don’t dare again crossing my path and leaves.

Sharad gets ready for work, he asks Vaishali is Vishwas awake. Vaishali says yes, he went to practice kabbadi with hia friends and he ia got used to you not being here and also wore gifts you got and leaves.

Vishwas walks to hia friends in suit and glasses. His friends say you look good in suit and glasses. Vishwas says baba got promotion in mill, and so now I have to be groomed. Vishwas shows off his clothes and toys Sharad got for him. Chetan asks Vishwas can they play with his boomerang.

Vishwas says no its expensive. Prahlad says don’t worry I have one too, we will play in yhe evening together and Vishwas even I have these coats but I don’t like show off, come practice now and get changed. Vishwas says I will practice but I want to be the captain. Ragini says you are bad at the game and Prahlad plays well so he will be the captain. Vishwas shows everyone toffees and says I have a whole box and of you make me captain I will get these daily.

Sharad thinks of Vaishali’s reaction, on his way to mill he sees Sai and says I met Sai when I was drunk better I leave now and apologies with sweets in the evening. Sharad sees Sai om his way and says how did gou get here. Sai says Sharad why do something that you need to hide. Sharad says I am sorry for yesterday.

I won’t repeat that again and I got promoted because I did overtime and by your blessings. Sai your promotion is because of your hardwork abd your family must be so happy because of your promotion. Sharad hears mill siren and leaves.

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Mere Sai 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sharad in mill orders everyone to do overtime. Bhiva says we are not your slave. Sharad yells at Bhiva and says how dare you talk to me this way you are fired.Bhiva meets Sai in tears. Sai asks Bhiva to gather all workers who are forced to do overtime in Dwarka Mai tomorrow before mill starts.

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Telecast Date:19th July 2022
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