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Mere Sai 19th January 2022 Gayatri notices Sai and feels relieved. Sai nods at her sweetly. Gayatri says I will tell everyone my poem and its meaning today. She narrates a poem about parents, of their love, trust and what happens when parents refuse to let the kids accomplish their dreams. Gayatri explains the meaning –

parents become friends and God for kids upon birth. Kids tell them everything honestly as they know that their wishes and dreams will be safe with them. Kids feel like they have won the biggest prize when their parents believe in them and their dreams. It encourages the kids to achieve anything. It gives them faith that they are doing things right. It also gives courage to the kids to do make everything possible.

Parents start becoming afraid as the kids grow. When the dreams are refused then kids start losing the courage and faith to achieve anything. They stop feeling happy. What will they be left with then? When kids ask parents a question they are told that parents have a right to decide the right and wrong for them.

They feel as if they are roaming in darkness. It isn’t healthy for the kids. I want to be honest but I will have to give up on my dreams if I am supposed to be a good girl. It is not just a big dilemma for me but every kid who has to choose between being honest and being good.

Sarkar tells Supaan to do something.

Everyone claps Gayatri. Rao ji and his entire family is present there as well. Gayatri smiles. Sarkar asks the other Mukhiyas why they are clapping. Ram Das ji says we haven’t seen such a talent till date. We were afraid that she will divert our girls but our daughters will make us proud if she leads them. Rao ji tells Supaan Gayatri is a diamond.

She has been blessd with Ma Saraswati. I now realize how wrong we were. I wont push my son to marry now. I will let him become something. You should teach your daughter too. You will then be counted as one of the luckiest father in the world.

Uma hugs Gayatri. Ajji, her grandsons and all the villagers go to congratulate her too.

Sai asks Supaan if he is still upset with Gayatri. Sarkar glares at Sai. Your culprit is here! He ended up instigating Gayatri to run away from her home! Don’t spare Him! Sai says I dint do it but all this does not matter in front of Gayatri’s talent. You heard everything yourself. Do you still think what you were doing was right?

She is being praised this much currently. Do you want to know what her future holds? Look at your daughter. Supaan looks at Gayatri. Everyone is talking to her sweetly and blessing her with love. Supaan imagines Gayatri receiving accolades and prizes for her talent. He sees her growing and making a name for herself in future. Supaan breaks down. Sai says your daughter wont just make you proud. She will have a happy married life. She will be blessed with the love of her in-laws and people.

Sarkar tells Supaan not to fall in Sai’s honey trap. Don’t forget what He has done to you!

Supaan apologizes to Sai. Forgive me as I have misunderstood you. Sai tells him it isn’t needed. Just accept your daughter. It will be enough. Sarkar asks Supaan if he will accept a girl like that. Supaan warns him not to utter another word against his daughter or his Sai. I don’t know what I will do otherwise! I am not Sai who will remain patient. He walks away. Sarkar warns Sai before leaving.

Supaan calls out to Gayatri. Everyone is pleasantly surprised to see Sai. Gayatri hugs her father. Supaan assures her that he wont stop her from studying now. I will support you in this. Gayatri runs and hugs Sai next. I knew that you will surely come. Do you know what all happened when you weren’t around? Sai nods. Supaan asks her where she was all these days. Gayatri says I was at Madhusudhan Dada’s place.

He was right here. Where did He go? Das Ganu tells her to look from her heart. You will see Him. Gayatri closes her eyes and realizes that it was Sai. She asks Sai if it was Him. Everyone is touched. Gayatri says I knew that you will never leave me alone. Uma thanks Sai for taking care of Gayatri and for helping her achieve her dreams. Everyone folds hands reverently. Sai blesses everyone.

Sai says we all pass through childhood. The hopes, foolishness and fears of that time is something that we have all grown up with. Why do some people forget it as they grow up? Why do they forget that parents have to give wings to the dreams of their kids?

How can kids handle marriage when they are unable to even carry the weight of their schoolbags? Child marriage is a malpractice and also disrespect to God. It has broken many dreams, hopes and ruined many lives! It is better to put an end to such malpractice s. Allah Maalik!

Baizama and Patil ji meet Sai when He is on rounds. Patil ji shares that his friends are off to Meerut and have asked him to join as well. Sai says it is a good idea. Please be careful on the way and take care of yourself. Patil ji says I have your blessing now. Sai says it is a long journey. You will have good and bad experiences. Remember that God is always with us when we are on our way to see God. Gopal Girdhar will be with you.

Take His name if you fall in any trouble. He asks Baizama if she is going too. She denies. My Kashi, Meerut, everything is right here! My relatives are going to shift here today. I should stay with them till they settle. Patil ji says I wont be able to meet them before I leave. Baizama says it wont be a problem. They will be here only. She shares that that family is blessed in every way. I haven’t met them since long but I hope no evil eye falls on them. Sai excuses Himself and leaves.

A lady is scolding her DIL. I am tired of you acting so careless! Get out of here before you make any mess again! Sai holds the DIL just when she is being pushed. He approaches her MIL. What are you doing? The lady calls her DIL careless. She fell asleep and left the boiling water on gas. My grandson spilled it on himself by mistake.

Luckily, the water wasn’t too hot. She has been acting so lazy and careless lately. Does it suit her? Why doesn’t she understand that she is a mother? The DIL asks Sai if it is a mistake to be a mother. I look after my son day and night but can I not get tired? Is it a sin to fall asleep if I am exhausted? Other ladies call her shameless.


Mere Sai 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Baizama meets Sai. She tells Sai that there is something wrong with her relatives. Please come with me. She visits her relatives and asks them what’s wrong. Her niece says what you cannot see is what’s wrong. Baizama looks inside and seems taken aback by something.

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