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Mere Sai 18th May 2022 Balvant says these are British government officials kids and they know English so you kids will also learn from them and she is your new teacher greet her in English. Others wish her in English, Shirdi kids wish her in Hindi, she scolds them and says dare you speak in Hindi or else I will fail you.

Balvant says all lectures and conversation here will only be in English. Teacher says if you don’t and shows them her stick.
She asks Baji to stand up, he doesn’t understand. Balvant says she meant stand up in hindi and asks him to introduce himself. He introduces himself in Hindi. Teacher scolds him, he and others get scared, he tries but others laugh at him and call him illiterate, Balvant enjoys it.

Sai and Srikant together, Srikant says Balvant won’t let kids study peacefully and I fear they don’t give up on studies. Sai says Srikant look at a vendor.

Balvant says to Malti(Teacher), that these kids old teacher was incompetent. Shirdi kids discuss that other kids are making them nervous. Ragini says being like Srikant sir is good for us. Balvant says you have such little goals. Baji says but we are happy. Malti says to him, this behaviour won’t be tolerated.

Vendor greets Sai, Sai says to him weaving these baskets must be so easy, he says no its very difficult we need to be very careful while working with them. Sai holds one stick.

Malti walks to Baji with stick and asks him to put his hand forward, Baji scared doesn’t, she yells at hom, Baji puts his hand forward.Sai benda the stick and breaks stick. Malti’s stick breaks at same time. Everyone in school surprised. Malti says to Balvant how is this possible.

Sai asks Vendor can’t he use this broken stick. Vendor says I can’t give up on material, I will use it somewhere. Sai says to Srikant, your kids are like this stick and you have to be like this vendor, a strong support and keep them motivated.

Balvant says to Malti, that its first day and these kids must have understood their low thinking abd stubbornness won’t work. Malti says village kids from now on compulsory English, it’s good if you manage or you all have to face this stick on your hands. Balvant says Malti, I have to leave, may I have a word outside.

Malti and Balvant walk outside. Balvant tells her he has ordered most difficult English books and trouble these kids to that extent that they don’t have any strength to join any movement and make sure you report everyone’s progress to me.

Malti enters class and starts teaching. Shridi kids don’t understand anything. Malti sees Ragini is distracted, she hits her with a chalk, and scolds her to pay attention and says why government wastes money on such villagers like you. Other kids laugh at her.

Srikant says I understand Sai but I have to manage two kids, teach English and keep them connected to their mother land how will I manage.
At lunch break, kids make fun of Shirdi kids.
Sai says to Srikant, you have taken step you will find your way, it’s nature’s law, whatever you focus on you get that, you just be there for teaching kids and do get some kulhad and water.

Shirdi kids try to read books and ask Prahlad for help, Prahlad tries to read, and says this is very difficult, Ragini says even Srikant taught us, but this is so difficult. Prahlad says my Mumbai school books weren’t this difficult. Ragini says I am here just because Sai asked but its so scary now, the new teacher just keeps scolding us.

Sai plays flute. A buffalo comes near him, Sai smiles and says I need some milk for kids, you are mother, you will help right. Sai takes bowl to milk buffalo and collects milk.

Kids arrive at Srikant’s class, he asks them to sit and says we will study Kesari. Srikant thinks where is Sai. Srikant reads Kesari for kids. Srikant sees kids are lost and not listening, he asks them what is wrong, why do they look so tired. Baji tells him, they were trying to study English all night but it didn’t help.

Prahlad says Baba said this type of English is taught on graduation in London, how will we understand. Srikant says I will teach you, we will study English first and then Kesari, now lets start with English. Ragini says teach us only English because we are scared of Malti ma’am and those kids make fun of us, so we don’t want to learn prayer. Santa Banta keeping an eye on them.
Sai walks in.

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Mere Sai 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Balvant and Kulkarni see Srikant teaching English. Kulkarni says to Balvant, Shrikant is openly breaking laws how can you allow this, Balvant says these kids will be punished for that in school.

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Telecast Date:18th May 2022
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