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Mere Sai 17th November 2022 Santa Banta tells Kulkarni that Sai took advantage of his absence and Shiv and Bhumi are earning a lot. Kulkarni starts laughing and says thats nice if they are earning, and now we have to congratulate them on their success.

Divakar’s parents deny him from allowing Vaishali to work. Divakar says look Bhumi is working and even Rihana Kaki works. His father says these women are working because they have low income so why does she need to work. Divakar says because she likes it and not for money. Sai walks to them.

Divakar says good you came, they aren’t allowing Vaishali to work. His mother says why does she need to work and he says look at Bhumi but poor thing has to work because of Shiv and she works with Shiv. Sai says I came here for help, lets try you solve my problem I will solve yours. Divakar says sure we will try.

Shiv cutting logs and thinks of Sai’s words, he is restless. Shiv sees the key handed by Sai. Bhumi walks to him thinking this is right time to talk to him and sort things. Bhumi says I wanted to talk to you alone, can we talk now. Shiv denies. Bhumi says forget the past I will tell you everything.

Tukaram walks in and says Shiv Bhumi you didn’t take your pay for last two shows here is your money. Tukaram gives Bhumi money she takes it. Shiv thinks of Vaishali telling him that Bhumi steals money.
Bhumi tells Shiv and Tukaram that shenis thinking of Sai’s birth for next show.
Shiv tells them he doesn’t want to work anymore. Tukaram and Bhumi in shock. Bhumi says what will you do then. Shiv goes inside.

Sai gives a book to Divakar and says Pari made few pictures and its a puzzle and help me solve it. Sai says in first picture people blame a man sitting on horse and his wife walking with him, calling him curel. Divakars father says people are right how can he do this to his wife. Sai shows next picture in it wife is on horse and husband walking, people bad talk again saying you both can sit.

Divakars mother says yes they are right. Sai shows next picture where both are on horse and people again blame them and call them cruel for troubling an animal. Divakar says yes they are right. Sai shows next picture where couple walks with horse and tells people again call them fools for not using the horse. Sai asks now you tell me what should the couple do?

Divakar’s father says whatever may the couple do people will keep talking something or the other. Sai says this is what I was trying to tell you and there are people who are jealous and ruin others life and so if you think Vaishali work allow her don’t care about the society because if they have to blame they will find a way now the decision is yours and Sai leaves.
Divakar asks his parents can Vaishali work now. His parents agree. Vaishali very happy.
Divakar rushes to Sai.

Shiv throws the trunk and dolls outside, Geetabai sees that. Shiv walks inside. Geetabai asks what all is this. Tukaram asks Bhumi what all is this and tickets are sold and if he cancels there will be loss and people will create problems, you come I will give you assistant, we will talk to Shiv later. Bhumi says I can’t.Bhumi walks in and tries to talk to Shiv but he doesn’t listen. Bhumi says this isn’t any show but our relation, you assumed but atleast let me explain, Shiv says he doesn’t want to listen and leaves.

Bhumi walks to Tukaram and says I did all this because of Shiv’s support and if he doesn’t support me I can’t, I am sorry.
Divakar walks to Sai and says Vaishali is happy and she hasn’t answered yet. Sai says you are very close to treasure just keep trying.

Geetabai talks to Shiv, she asks him what is wrong. Kulkarni walks in. Geetabai asks what’s wrong. Kulkarni says I heard Shirdi has new artist and are very successful and so as a head here I thought I should congratulate them. Shiv confused. Kulkarni says oh I forgot Shiv is dumb and deaf and how does he work then, Bhumi walks to Kulkarni and asks why are you here. Kulkarni says I came here because I have to meet thiefs, you haven’t paid taxes and so I am here to warn you.

Bhumi asks what taxes. Kulkarni says entertainment taxes, and since you haven’t paid you are thief. Bhumi says take it from the organisers. Kulkarni says now a women will teach me rules, I make rules and so you will pay taxes and so you will pay penalty too and I know you get 50₹ per show and so total 750 is your earnings and your tax is 50% which meand 350 and 250 as penalty so you will have to pay 600 and here os government notice.

Bhumi says this tax is high we used money to pay debts and we have stopped our show too. Kulkarni starts laughing and says good you stopped but what about past. Bhumi begs him to spare them. Kulkarni says you took Sai’s help right now go ask him and if you don’t pay within 10 days I will auction this house and Kulkarni leaves.

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Mere Sai 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai tells Vaishali, because of your jealousy you have ruined Bhumi and Shiv’s relationship and now you have to fix it.Shiv sees a show, it has a challenge to ride cycle for 5 days and will be paid 1000₹

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Telecast Date:17th November 2022
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