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Mere Sai 17th May 2022 Srikant starts teaching kids at Shama’s place before school. Srikant and Sai happy along with kids. Balvant passing by sees Srikant and kids and walk to them and asks what all is happening here, I had fired you. Sai says but not from his responsibility, that school is run by Britishers and Srikant here is teaching without any salary.l and he has full right. Balvant says it’s time for school, go Kids. Srikant looks at Sai, Sai nods. Kids pack and leave for school.

Balvant says good move Sai and don’t forget I am.not Kulkarni that you take me lightly and if you don’t people here will throw stones at you and throw you out of here, here take this money and leave.

Sai says remember someone taught you always give Bhiksha with right hand and kindness. Balvant says how do you know this, Mahesh must have told you. Sai says may be you didn’t love your mother and so never followed anything she taught and you were close to your Mausi and she did visit you too but when she did you threw your mother out of your house, I can’t accept Bhiksha from you

Balvant stops Sai and says you know nothing, I never insulted my mother and can never do something like this, I consider mother next to my God. Sai says this country is our mother land and other languages like our aunt, its good to respect aunt but to neglect and ill treat your mother is not good. Balvant says you have crossed all your limits, but just wait qnd watch. Balvant thinks how did Sai know about English language anyways I will do what I want to.

Kids reach school. They sees their new books all in English. Balvant walks in and says these books are for you, get used to it because British government now has made English compulsory and you will have to study from these and keep your old books here. Kids say but we understand our old books, so why can’t we have them.

Balvant says its government made law and if you break those you will be penalised and since you are kids your parents will be penalised. Kids get scared and agree to what Balvant says.
Kida giveaway their old books.Balvant very happy seeing his plan work.

A man and woman walk to Sai, Sai asks woman why is she so angry. She tells Sai that the Potter is fooling her, she sells curd and customer buys when the pots are of same shape but these are all diff, how will I accept these, some are too much baked, some are not baked properly and some are uneven.

A kid trying to study through his English books, his mother sees that and smiles. He gets frustrated. Ragini trying to study too, starts crying says I don’t understand a word how will I pass.

Potter says to Sai, I make these with hands there is going to be difference, She says to him, I am not going to give money. Sai says is it fine if there is no loss, she says yes. Sai asks Bhima potter to give her curd money. Sai says I want curd tomorrow, in these pots and bring in front of Shama’s house and it will get sold then you can pay him. She says I will pay Bhima now and get curd tomorrow.

Kids frustrated because of change and say they don’t wabt us to study and how can we so easily learn English, they even fired our teacher. Everyone decides that they won’t go school and will learn from whatever Srikant teaches.

Sai and Srikant at Shama’s house, Kids reach there. Sai says to Kids he has something for them and asks Mai to distribute curd. Sai says this is new beginning of your school. Kids say we won’t go school anymore because of new rules. Srikant says I was worried they would do something like this and how would Kids learn English in middle of course, there is no bad learning new language but this is not fair this looks like a plan to keep students away from education.

Sai says let’s everyone first have curd. Sai asks Mai how did she set curs in different shape, Mai says the pots are of different shape and so when I set curd in it, they turned into that shape. Sai says curd is so intelligent see, and says to kids like the curd adjusted itself in current situation so should you, if you leave school for change in situation it means you already have given up, Kids say how will we understand that language.

Sai says its just a language and with hardwork you can do it, and this is a chance to learn something new and if you have faith and hope, nothing is impossible and why forget that Srikant no longer serves school but he hasn’t left Shirdi or teaching you and he is here to help you. Srikant smiles and agrees. Kids say to Sai we won’t loose hope and start having curd.

Sai asks Kids how is curd because all pots differ from eachother. Kids say they loved the curd irrespective of the pot difference. Sai explains Mai all depends on the quality of curd and difference in pot means she can sell at diff rates. Mai says I understood my mistake. Sai blesses her.

Kids reach school, they see new kids in uniform and new teacher with Balvant. Balvant says today I forgive for you people coming late, but won’t be entertained from tomorrow.
Ragini says we are sorry we will be careful from tomorrow. New kids say these students don’t speak in English. Ragini and friends are ask to go sit behind new kids and thinks I will show you all and that beggar a lesson.

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Mere Sai 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Balvant says to kids village kids are such narrow minded, Kids say but we are happy. Teacher gets angry at them and about to hit them. Sai with Srikant breaks stick.

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Telecast Date:17th May 2022
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