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Mere Sai 16th September 2022 Satyeshwar asks Sai to tell him what is he scared of, Sai says to Satyeshwar of your past and if you don’t believe go check your reflection in that water. Satyeshwar goes check and sees his past of pushing his guruji from a cliff. Satyeshwar gets scared and says people are right you do black magic.

Sai says to Satyeshwar, Vinayak my moto is not to scare you but bring back the kids who are trapped by you. Satyeshwar says they joined by their wish. Sai says they will get back by their wish and you still have time make right decisions or you will have a dark future.

Satyeshwar asleep dreams about his meeting with Sai and wakes up. He hears flute. Malhar playing flute, Satyeshwar goes to him in anger and scolds him and then apologises him saying my head is aching so I lost my control.

Malhar says no worries, I was wrong to play this late and leaves. Nima walks to Satyeshwar and tells him that government has given him 20acre land. Satyeshwar says great now start work from tomorrow. Nima says we will need an architect for that, I will look for someone. Satyeshwar says no one from outside.

Satyeshwar says to Nima, I need many secret vaults and so someone from inside should build it because he will never leave and our secret won’t be out. Nima says we don’t have inside. Satyeshwar thinks about Keval and says Keval will join us soon, he is now wasting his time with his parents, go meet him and convince tomorrow and if doesn’t agree tell me but we need him.

Satyeshwar thinks Sai took away Bhagyashree and now I want his devotee Keval.

Sai meets a man and offers to help him. Prem Sena meets Keval. Keval asks Ankur, Malhar and Rajkiran how are they. They tell him they are very happy and says join us and you will be happy and you are lucky beca Satyeshwar Maharaj knows your talent and wants him to build Prem Nagar. Keval says I will have to Prem Sena. Malhar says yes because only Prem Sainik will be part.

Sai helps that man pick soil sack.
Keval tells everyone he won’t be able to join Prem Sena, Prem Sainik can’t be with their family and Sai is my only guru.

Rajkiran says Sai was our guru and he did nothing for us, join Satyeshwar Maharaj and your dreams will come true. Keval says sorry I have full faith in Sai. Prem Sainik says to Keval, you are insulting our Guru by considering someone more important and now you will have to come. Keval says I have to go mill. Prem Sainik start forcing Keval.

Sai helps man pour the sack and it gets dusty.
The dust flows near Keval and helps him, Sai arrives their. Keval walks to Sai. Sai gives Prem Sainik water to clean their eyes. Prem Sainik shocked to see Sai get water from empty bowl, they clean their eyes.

Sai tells them you can’t make difference from right or wrong, you call yourself Prem Sainik and forcing someone without their wish and you all wanted to be free then why force Keval, he doesn’t wish to join you all.

Satyeshwar training people that society is bad, evil it makes you live with adjustments and doesn’t let us succeed but I teach you to succeed to focus on yourself, only your happiness matters and whoever tries to create hurdles is your enemy and you have to do everything possible to defeat your enemy, and voilence was wrong there wouldnt be Ramayan or Mahabharat so we will fight our enemies. Everyone agrees to Satyeshwar. Satyeshwar tricks two more men in Prem Sena.

Satyeshwar welcomes two men and Balvant walks in and hugs Balvant and tells him something in his ears and then chants his name.

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Mere Sai 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Balvant tells Satyeshwar, he knows he is accused of killing his guru and the acuser is missing.Sai says to Baizmaa he has to go and its more important than problem in Shirdi.

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Telecast Date:16th September 2022
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