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Mere Sai 16th November 2022 Bhumi asks Shiv what is wrong, Shiv about to walk away, Bhumi stops him and asks whats is eating you, you can’t live without answering. Shiv holds her hand and takes her to their room and shows her jewellery box and asks what is this. Bhumi says yes I kept it. Shiv says why did you steal money from our earnings.

Bhumi gets angry and says look at me and answer, do you really think I stole the money, Shiv doesn’t look at her. Bhumi says I understood you don’t trust me and instead of assuming why didn’t you come and ask me about it, I keep caring for you and fighting for you and you think I am thief, so now you take it as I have stolen, I am not giving any explanation. Bhumi leaves.

Sai with tangled rope sitting in Dwarka Mai, Bhumi walks to him. Sai says I know why you are here Bhumi and if you help me entangle this quickly I will help you. Bhumi lost leaves the rope, Sai says you have to equally participate only then we can entangle this, if I am pulling so should you.

Bhumi says no Sai this will tangle it more or even break the rope, give it to me I will entangle it. Bhumi entangles the rope. Sai asks Bhumi what is she doing, Bhumi says we need to patiently entangle a rope and hands the rope to Sai.
Sai thanks Bhumi and says you were right, but how did you forget about patience when it came to your relationship, you could patiently explain Shiv and sort it out. Bhumi says how could he call me thief.

Sai says you two have always been compatible and it won’t always be like this and when yous ee differences its an indication to make the bond strong, either fix the gap or let it grow and get separated its all in our hands how we want to tackle the situation. Bhumi sayd Sai, I felt so bad, Sai says how can you forget so many things he did just because of 1 mistake. Bhumi thinks of Shiv and says you are right Sai, I should have shown patience may be because this was the first time and I will be careful from next time. Bhumi leaves. Sai says its now Shiv’s turn to understand this.

Vaishali angry about she always busy in household work. Divakar walks in thinking of Sai’s words. Divakar says Vaishali I want to talk to you, Vaishali says first I want to talk, Divakar says sure sit and tell me, you must be tired. Vaishali asks whats wrong. Divakar says I always ignore you because I am busy and we never sort, so I thought lets sort things today.

Vaishali shows him how everyone messes whole house and about her business. Divakar says I am on leave tomorrow so I will talk to them and I heard you were very intelligent and I need your help in puzzle. Vaishali says sure tell me. Divakar tells her puzzle and says I am sure you will find the answer. Vaishali says it sounds tough but I will find the answer.

Shiv sitting alone, he misses Bhumi and looks at the swing he made for her as her birthday surprise and smiles. Baji sees snake near Shiv, they try to tell him but Shiv doesn’t understand, so they pick a stick and rush towards him, Shiv dodges thinking they are here to hit him, Baji wards of the snake. Sai walks to them and praises kids for their bravery and asks them to go home.

Shiv walks to Sai, Sai says Shiv those kids didn’t come to hit you but save you from snake, you didn’t understand right. Shiv nods yes. Sai says you must have understood by now that whatever you see is always not the turth and I hope and pray you and Bhumi sort it out. Geetabai walks to them.

Geetabai asks Shiv what is he doing here. Sai says he was here to experience something and he did. Sai gives Geetabai a key and asks her to give it to Shiv and always keep with him. Geetabai asks which key is this. Sai says God will give him the lock for this key and when he finds it, everything will be sorted.

Kulkarni returns to Shirdi. Chattopadhyay gives him letters. Prahlad greets Kulkarni. Kulkarni says I brought so many gifts for you. Prahlad tells him about Kutputli show and he wants to see it. Kulkarni says you are my grand son you will sit in front row. Chattopadhyay says to Kulkarni that some blessings are so important and so is your slap so slap me too. Kulkarni says what nonsense are you talking.

Chattopadhyay says Shiv is that dumb and deaf guy you fired and slapped and they narrate Sai’s stories and are very popular. Kulkarni gets angry. Tejaswini says to Kulkarni you kicked him and look he is so popular now and keep telling Sai’s stories everywhere. Santa Banta reminds Kulkarni of the challenge Sai gave him regarding Shiv.

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Mere Sai 17th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiv denies to perform in shows and throws away everything.Divakar and his parents talk to Sai, Divakar says his parents aren’t allowing Vaishali to work. Divakar’s mother says when Divakar earns why should she. Sai says you all are ranting your problems but I came here because I wanted help.

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Telecast Date:16th November 2022
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