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Mere Sai 16th May 2022 Srikant says to Balvant, a teacher’s responsibility is not just to teach them course but also their responsibilities and educate them because then they will fight injustice. Balvant says we shouldn’t waste kids time, lets step out and talk.
Balvant and Srikant walk out.

Balvant says your salary British gives, Srikant says and it’s for educating students and that is paid from taxes villagers and we don’t get what is takeb from us, even Lokmanya Tilak say this. Balvant says what are you doing,

Srikant says these students trust me and I will educate them my way and not as British want. Balvant says okay, I fire you from your service. Srikant says you can’t do this, Balvant says I can do much more and it’s better you collect your things and leave this school. Balvant leaves with newspaper. Sai sees everything.

Sai removes a trowel from his back.
Srikant informs kids about he leaving school, kids get emotional and ask him not to leave and how will they study. Srikant says remember everything I taught you and most importantly humanity and loving your country and God will give you a better teacher than me, now smile and go home. Kids hug Srikant. Srikant gets emotional and asks kids to go home, everyone leaves.

Sai sees kids upset leaving school, he calls them near him. Prahlad says Sai today, Sai says I am making something from this soil will you all help me, everyone agrees and start helping Sai, they follow Sai.
Srikant packs his belongings from school and leaves.

Savari washes clothes, Mahesh walks in, Savari says I cleaned dal stains. Mahesh tells her he got a job in Mumbai. Savarj says this is good news but you don’t look happy. Mahesh says I can’t accept the job because I can’t make arrangements for you to stay with me and this will take time, Savari says you can’t deny for work because of me,

and getting job is difficult and a good job is more difficult. Mahesh says I can’t leave you alone, even your mother isn’t here and these people won’t let you live in peace. Savari says I have Sai’s blessings and Keshav Dada and Prahlad are here too and I won’t be happy if I become hurdle in your progress.

Sai happy working with Kids, the make a castle out of the mud and a pathway. Sai sees Srikant and calls him, and says please help me. Srikant upset asks how can he help. Sai says look at this can you please water in this trench. Srikant pours water but it comes out if the trench. Srikant gets more upset and says I failed here as well. Srikant apologies to Sai and says I couldn’t fulfill the responsibility you gave me to teach these kids.

Sai says this wayer didn’t overflow because of your mistake, water found its own path to flow and this applies to us as well, when we see there is no way, we have to find a way for us. Srikant says but I am not understanding what direction and also Balvant is a higher official what can I do. Sai asks kids to come early tomorrow and out Shama’s place, Srikant you too come there, I will be waiting for you.

Balvant informs British officers that he fired the teacher and stopped anti british movement from spreading to schools. Kulkarni walks in and says but you couldn’t stop it in village, you have no idea, how far this movement has spread and things are going to worsen. Balvant says what are you doing here, only British government officers are allowed in this meeting, Kulkarni smiles and says I am sorry,

but being your relative I can’t let you jump into well and since you weren’t listening I spoke to government on my own, why be surprised I always had conversions with them for Shirdi and you need someone like me who knows everything about Shirdi and its not too late, think twice. Officials say I think he is right, we should take his help. Kulkarni says British government even accepted my solution,

Balvant asks what solution, Kulkarni says people join movement when they are educated and then they progress, education is the ladder these villagers will climb and raise above us and so we cut this source of education. Balvant says how can I terninate schools.

Kulkarni says schools will continue but the course will change, qnd hands proposal to Balvant and thinks I can’t let my authority go so easily and soon you will bow to my intelligence Balvant. Balvant asks Kulkarni will this work. Kulkarni says English is difficult and once you start teaching kids in English they will have no knowledge and there will be no progress or protest and where there is illiteracy there is fear and we will water this fear.

Srikant tells Chiu, he will visit Sai and come. Chiu asks what is Sai upto, Srikant says Balvant has done what he has to now Sai will help us. Chiu says Aai always show’s right direction.

Sai makes arrangements outside Shama’s house for everyone to sit. Kids and Srikant arrive and ask Sai what to do?
Sai says do what you did daily, but before going to school, will come here to study from Srikant, study Kesari and then go school. Kids happily agree, Srikant very happy thanks Sai.

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Mere Sai 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kalpana and her husband arguing reach Dwarka Mai, she says to her husband even Sai will agree that its your mistake. Her husband says to Sai, I make these Kulad with hand how will they be even, Sai asks her to set curd in these and bring them to Shama’s place tomorrow.

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Telecast Date:16th May 2022
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