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Mere Sai 16th January 2020 Episode Start With People run behind a man pelting stones on him. Man runs into Dwarkamayi. People say he is cursed and should be killed. Man removes his blanket and shows white patches on his skin and says his name Bharth, he never did wrong to anyone, even then he got this skin condition; these people want to kill him, he saw Sai whom he doesn’t know and came for help. Sai touches his white patches. A man asks why is he touching his wounds.

Sai asks if he will behave similarly with his family member. Man says nobody in his family did any sin as per his village’s pandit. Sai asks what sin did he do. Man says he had taken oath to present gold necklace to god if his son gets well and once his son got well, he didn’t present gold necklace. Bharath says he couldn’t gather money. Sai says god doesn’t need anyone’s present and doesn’t differentiate between anyone, so he is god and superior than humans. People continue shouting that they don’t know all that.

Sai asks Uddhav to get water and asks Bharath to stand aside, then asks man to sit and drops water on him. Man asks why did he wet him. Sai shows water flowing from man body, reaching a plant and plant dying instantly. Sai then pours water on Bharath. Bharath’s white patches disappear and dead plant relives again. Bharath rejoices. Sai says people’s sins are more bigger than Bharahat’s illness, so plant died. People apologize Sai and Bharath and take Bharath back to their village. Sai thinks they all understand, it is Daattu’s turn now.

Dattu returns to Dwarkamayi after washing his clothes and thanks Pari for giving him clothes. Hari walks to him and says aayi has taken oath not to have anything until he returns home. Dattu says aayi is lying. Hari says he knows Naani told him something, because of which he left home; is adoption word bigger than his younger brother or parents that he left them all. Sai says children’s mind his so pure. Dattu tells Hari that he will not understand and should go home.

Hari walks away crying and saying he is bad than that word. Dattu waters plant and informs Sai, asks Pari what to do next. Pari says most of the work here is done, he should go to jungle and bring wood. Dattu says there will be wild animals there. Pari says he can pick dry wood in the border and only cut tree stem if it is necessary. Sai asks to cut only dry stems. Dattu says he never worked so much at home. Pari says outside they need to work. Dattu tells plant to grow and flower soon so that he can meet his biological parents and leaves for jungle. Uma watches him hiding nearby.


Mere Sai 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Dattu reaches jungle and falls down seeing a blanket wearing man.

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Telecast Date: 16th January 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv and Sony Liv


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