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Mere Sai 15th September 2021 Patil ji asks Sarkar to withdraw the ban from the colony people. Sarkar thinks to make use of this opportunity for his benefit. I will be able to save my crops and villagers will respect me too. He pretends to be not bothered because of it at all. I have become independent. Learn something from me. I don’t need them but you all matter a lot to me. I can think again about my decision if you guys aren’t able to work without them. I withdraw the ban keeping your needs in mind. They can work in the village now. You should all be grateful to have a good leader like me. I think for all of you. Santa tries to cheer in Sarkar’s name but no one follows him. Villagers leave.

Sarkar tells Santa and Banta to gather few workers and head to the fields right away. They run off. Sarkar thinks it is good that I had to lift the ban without accepting defeat. No one will be able to think that I made that decision in haste.

Jhipri tells everyone in her colony that the ban has been lifted. You all can go back to work now. Everyone is escastic. Jhipri thanks Sai. Sai says it is good that you are sorted now. You will be able to teach women skills with a free mind now. She nods.

Kaki asks Jhipri about the workshop. Jhipri says Sai wants all the women of Shirdi to be independent. Santa and Banta overhear it and run to inform Sarkar.

Santa offers to destroy the workshop but Sarkar denies. Fakir is doing something in my favour for the first time. Let him. Santa is confused. Sarkar says independent women look good in other houses but they are like bombs when they are in other houses. Fakir has started a ticking bomb. It sounds good but it is a very dangerous idea when it is put to practice. I will use it to my benefit at the right time.

Sarkar says I have heard that he is holding a very big position in Bombay. Be careful and let me know as soon as he is here. Santa and Banta agree. Sarkar notices Sai passing from there and asks Him about His decision of helping women become independent. You gave the responsibility to Jhipri who does not know who is a real customer and who isn’t. This wont last for long. Sai says it might be difficult but Maalik helps you succeed when the intentions are true. Sarkar says you went beyond what you can manage. You are trying to change the societal norms this time. Duties of men and women are divided beforehand in the society. Married women belong in their homes and not outside. She has no place outside her home. You cannot change it even if you want to.

Sai reminds him that he had said something similar about the villagers too. Sarkar is taken aback. Stop smiling. Do you think you won as I lifted the ban? I did that as I am the leader of Shirdi. I have to think of everyone’s convenience. I don’t need those people. Sai asks him if he is telling Him this or to himself. You lifted the ban as you couldn’t manage the chores at home or in fields because there were no helpers. You wont accept it because of your ego. You can hide it from others but how will you hide it from yourself or Maalik. Nothing can be hidden from the heart or Maalik. Sai walks away. Sarkar shouts after Him. Truth will not change just because of what you said!

Sarkar slaps Santa and Banta for not doing the task seriously. They apologize to him but he tells them to be quiet.

Parvati says Sai has given a big responsibility to her. Baizama reasons that Sai thinks that she is best suited for this role. Rihana says we can share the duties. Everyone can teach the skills they know. Everyone agrees. Baizama asks Parvati to teach them how to make plates for Khandoba ji. Parvati ji nods. She asks Jhipri to teach them how to do calculations as she is literate. Jhipri readily agrees. They see a bunch of women coming. Rihana asks about Rambha. Baizama goes to check on her.

Tatya tells Rambha to go outside. You can do it later too. Rambha reasons that the dinner will get delayed then. He tells her it doesn’t matter. It is just about a day. It will be good if you become independent. Baizama agrees. Rambha reasons that it hasn’t been kneaded fully yet. Baizama tells her to let Tatya do it. Rambha is hesitant but Tatya agrees. Rambha goes with Baizama.

Jhipri asks Sai to bless them all today. Sai blesses all the ladies. You may not understand the importance of coming here today but you had added a new chapter in history now. You have taken the biggest step in your life today. It is as important for any person to be independent as sunlight is for the trees. Don’t leave things in the middle. The ladies assure Him that they wont. Our husbands are supporting us to become independent. Sai says it isn’t easy to gain anything in life. There will be ups and downs in this journey. One can run easily on plain roads but don’t give up hope when the road is uphill or difficult. He tells Jhipri to take over now. Jhipri asks the ladies to share the list of skills they know. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that come to your mind. The ladies nod excitedly and the workshop begins.

Dabholkar ji stops at Khandoba temple to offer prayers. He notices a man (Sai) building something and asks him about it. Sai asks him what he is doing here. Dabholkar ji says it is about to rain so I took shelter here. Sai says I am also making shade for someone. Dabholkar ji asks him who will take shelter in this small house. Sai says they will come as soon as it is ready. Sai remarks that they are here. Dabholkar ji is shocked to see a bunch of scorpions coming there. Sai asks him why he is afraid. I am here. I was with you back then and I am with you now as well.

Dabholkar ji realises that it is the man from his dreams. Sai tells him that there is a life beyond what he can see or feel right now. You have to win over this if you want to gain that. Get rid of your fears. Develop devotion and kindness inside you. You wont get afraid of anything anymore. Dabholkar ji runs to the other side and meets Vaishnav. He hurries off to bring luggage. Dabholkar ji and Sai look at each other. Vaishnav asks him about the Fakir. Dabholkar ji rpelies that he doesn’t know and doe snot even want to know. It is a weird place. Let’s go.


Mere Sai 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :2 villagers argue with each other and call the other thief. Sai tells them to stop. Bheeva asks Sai how they will find out that who these pots belong to. Sai says it is easy. We will break the pots and find out. One of the villagers breaks a pot. Sai smiles.

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