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Mere Sai 15th November 2022 Sai at a grocery store buys coconuts, and says I am buying it for Vaishali. Divakar besides Sai says oh yes she did, it slipped out of my mind. Shama walks to Sai and greets him. Sai asks where arw you going.

Shama says this time I had good cultivation so going to farms. Sai asks Shama to give some profit to farmers. Shama says yes and leaves. Divakar tries to talk to Sai but Sai keeps ignoring him. Divakar confused says Sai I am trying to talk to you but. Sai says I am busy I will listen to your excuses later.

Bhumi and Shiv working on next show, Bhumi sees Shiv is upset and asks what is wrong, did she hurt him. Tukaram walks in and says show is housefull, so get ready. Bhumi asks Shiv to get water for rains and she will manage other arrangements. Bhumi thinks of talking to Shiv later. Tukaram says to Shiv he will get water.

Tukaram says to Shiv, he forgot to give money of yesterday’s show and gives to Shiv and says its 50₹. Shiv remembers Bhumi giving him 45₹ after each show. Shiv checks register and sees Tukaram has always paid 50₹.

Divakar tries to talk to Sai but Sai keeps ignoring. Divakar gets frustrated. Sai says when Vaishali tries to talk to you, you behave like I did, I didn’t want to hurt you but wanted to make you realise that Vaishali is important and you need to pay attention to her, I know you ignore her because she keeps complaining.

Divakar says she never tries to understand me, Sai says you both have to understand eachother and someone has to try and don’t be sad because soon your good times are going to come and you will be so rich that all your problems will go away, you are going to get a big treasure. Divakar says even if I get money, how will problems between me and Vaishali will stay how do I solve that. Sai says patience and leaves.

Shiv asks Tukaram to give money to Bhumi. Tukaram says okay.
Shiv and Bhumi’s show begins. Bhumi realises Shiv is lost, and doesn’t raise curtain. Bhumi asks Shiv to open the curtains, Shiv does so, Bhumi begins her story telling and kutputli show. Everyone enjoys it. Shiv thinking of Vaishalis words.

Bhumi in her story say it rained with Sai’s blessings. Bhumi sees Shiv is lost and doesn’t shower water. Bhumi tries to call him but Shiv lost in his thoughts. Audience start making fun of Bhumi. Tukaram thinks where is Shiv lost.

Divakar keeps asking Sai about treasure. Sai says you need to work hard for the treasure, you have to work hard mentally. Divakar says something like puzzle. Sai says yes correct. Sai narrates puzzle to Divakar and asks him to decode it to find treasure. Divakar says it’s tough. Sai says may be Vaishali can helo because she is the only one who can help and make sure she doesn’t find the answer you have to use your smartness and hands him coconuts and leaves.

Audience start blaming Bhumi and call her show waste of money, Tukaram says its technical error and I won’t take money please understand. Bhumi in tears prays to Sai. Sai appears and gets water in his bowl pours it in his flute and it starts raining. Bhumi in shock and happy, audience see rain and stop and applaud. Bhumi sees Shiv isn’t doing anything and thanks Sai. Sai leaves. Tukaram goes backstage and sees Shiv lost in his though and says its all Sai’s blessings.

Bhuki walks to Shiv and asks whats wrong and says I am your wife we share happiness and sorrow, what are you hiding, husband wife don’t hide things. Shiv leaves.

Sai stops Bhumi and says I want to talk to you. Bhumi says Sai my husband needs me he is deeply hurt, some people don’t understand his emotions and make fun of him, I want to talk to him and make him happy again. Sai asks how will you figure out and what will you do when you figure out, remember have patience. Bhumi leaves.

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Mere Sai 16th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiv shows money to Bhumi. Bhumi says to him, you think I have stolen this money, I am here ready to fight with everyone for you and you called me a thief.Bhumi meets Sai. Sai says I know your issue but first you help me with this and then I will solve your problem.

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Telecast Date:15th November 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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