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Mere Sai 15th June 2021 Kulkarni’s goons brutally harass a man Ramdas for not paying his debt and drag him towards Kulkarni. Panta sees Sai passing by and tells Santa that they didn’t spy on him since long, so he will go and check in Dwarkamayi while Santa takes Ramdas to Sai. Santa agrees and drags Ramdas away. Das Ganu sadly looks at ektara. Keshav noticing him asks him if he is thinking about ektara. Ganu says Sai has stopped him from touching it, tomorrow there is an annual day function at the Kakori’s gramdev temple and he needs sing there, how will he sing bhajan without ektara; he doesn’t know what is in Sai’s mind, but ektara is his life and he cannot control himself from playing it. He tries to pick it when Sai returns and stopping him reminds that he will touch it only when he permits him. Ganu says he cannot stay away from ektara. Sai says infatuation of even good thing is harmful, he teaches good lessons to the world and himself is bounded by ektara’s infatuation, whatever happening is right. Ganu thinks Sai is right, but even he is helpless as he will be humiliated if he doesn’t sing tomorrow. Panta hearing them hiding thinks of informing about it to Kulkarni.

Kulkarni gathers all Shirdi men at his home. Villagers discuss that Kulkarni returned after 2 months, don’t know what new problem is awaiting them. Kulkarni walks in and seeing them thinks it is clear that they still fear him even in his absence. He says he brought a good news for him; he was away from Shirdi in some other village due to official work, he has requested British government for Shirdi’s progress, soon Shirdi will be like London; when British government is doing so much for them, they also should do something in return, so they will have to pay extra taxes which he will decide. Chandu asks how will they get extra taxes. Another man requests to give them some time as this year’s agricultural growth hasn’t been that good. Kulkarni says even he is facing same issue and says Santa and Panta will visit them to collect taxes and they should pay without fail or else face dire consequences. Villagers get tensed. Kulkarni thinks he will teach beggar’s puppets a nice lesson; says he knows they cannot pay taxes now, so he will pay on their behalf and they need to pay 25% interest.

Santa drags Ramdas in and complain that he made them wait outside his house under scorching sun and was hiding inside house. Kulkarni yells how dare he is to make his servants wait. Ramdas apologizes and requests to give him a day to return his money. Kulkarni says he doesn’t give time and will punish instead. He orders servants to drag him to village circle and punish him with 10 lashes. Panta enters and says he brought a news about beggar/Sai.

Vasu calls Ganesh and Govardhan for lunch. They say they are not hungry. Sugandha enters with her in-laws and husband. FIL Vaman says how will samdhi ji get enery if he doesn’t eat. Ganesh greets husband Nilesh. Govardhan asks how did they come suddenly. Vaman says since Sugandha heard about their loss, she is continuously crying and even they are deeply hurt.

Bheema walks with injured leg and stops seeing Sai. Sai gives him oodhi to apply on his wound and says early treatment is always better. Bheema thanks him and walks away. Panta informs Kulkarni about Sai taking away Ganu’s ektara. Kulkarni badmouths about Sai as usual. Santa asks what must be the reason. Kulkarni asks if Das Ganu is the same person who sings in temples. Santa says yes. Ganu passes by. Kulkarni thinks of taking revenge from him for exposing his previous tax scandal and calls him. Ganu walks to him and asks why he called him. Kulkarni says he deserves respect, and since he is a village head and its his duty to take care of citizens’ needs, he wants to ask if he has any problem. Ganu says he doesn’t have any problem. Panta says he saw Sai scolding him. Kulkarni badmouths about Sai and says beggar ruined his life, he heard beggar took his police job and gave him ektara and now he took away even his ektara now.


Mere Sai 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Bayaza maa sees Sai collecting stones and asks what is he doing. Sai says he is searching hope in them. She says she is worried for Sugandha and he should clear Suganda’s problem.

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Telecast Date:15th June 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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