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Mere Sai 14th September 2020 Sai tells Tatya that if fear, greed, arrogance are developed in one’s mind, it is difficult to control those feelings. Tatya asks why didn’t he stop Babu then. Sai says let him experience everything first. Trimbak and Anandi return home after dropping Anandi’s father til Shridi entrance, discussing their day’s experience. Damayanti informs them that Chintamani has gone to fields to protect crops from wild swines and asks them to have food and rest. On the other side, Baizamaa reaches Dwarkamayi and informs Sai that Tatya has gone to fields and Appa Rao to relatives house with Baji, so she came here to spend time with him. She complains that he is so near to her house, but never stays in her house. Sai says their hearts are near, that is most important, else few people being under same roof develop hatred for each other. He asks her to get him seashells/cowdy. She gives him seashells and asks why he needs them. Sai says 21 seashell necklace is for Godavari, oodhi will treat her physical illness while seashell necklace is to treat her mental illness.

Trambak finishes dinner and asks Amba to get him her father’s gifted mangoes. She says she knows he is fond of mangoes and checks basket, but doesn’t find mangoes in it. She asks Damayanti about mangoes. Damayanti says she had kept 3 mangoes in it as she knows Trambak loves mangoes. Anandi says she is lying as she must have finished all mangoes. Damayanti says she kept even her mango for them, why would she lie. Their argument starts. Godavari asks why are they fighting, she doesn’t want her family’s unity to be broken. Anandi continues alleging Damayanti. Gangadhar asks them to stop fighting and asks Anandi to stop alleging Damayanti. Trambak asks Anandi to calm down, he will get her mangoes tomorrow. Anandi says but those mangoes will not have her father’s love. Trambak takes her in. Amba shows stolen mangoes signalling she stole them. Trambak takes Anandi to room and tries to console her. Anandi complains against Damayanti that she purposefully did it and describes morning’s incident where Damayanti treated her injured son Shyam first and ignored Gopi. Trambak says she must be mistaken as Anandi loves Gopi more than Shyam and she took care of house when Anandi was injured. Amba walks in and says Anandi is right and lies that Damayanti gave fruits to Chintamani as he feels he works hard alone and runs family while Trambak just lazes around wasting time on wrestling. She continues to lie and brainwash them. Trambak stands shocked. Anandi asks him to trust his sister at least if not her. Trambak thinks how can his dada and vahini do this.

Tejasvi tries to leave home when Kulkarni stops her and says she cannot get out of house like this. She says she is going for his work, even after being a mukhiya, he couldn’t defeat saint Sai, but she easily is succeeding in breaking Sai’s disciple Joshi’s house, etc.

Next morning, Tatya meets Sai. Sai continues his moral gyan when Tendulkar and his wife rush to Sai and says Babu has returned home and.. Sai says he knows Babu met Abhayankar guruji and doesn’t want to write final exam. Tendulkar says his exam is tomorrow, how will they convince him to write exam. Sai asks them to trust god and pray him to change Babu’s mind. Tendulkar and his wife return to dharamshala and try to convince Babu to write exam, but Babu says he respects Sai, but he cannot change fate and Abhayankar’s prediction never fails, so he may fail in final exam. Sai tells Tatya that someone’s entrance may change decisions. A man walks in. Babu identifies him as examiner. Examiner says he heard their conversation and asks if he is Babu. Babu asks if he remembers him. Examiner says yes as he is the only student who wrote all the answers right and is sure he will write his final exam right, so he shouldn’t skip his exam. Babu says seeing their confidence on him, he will write exam and leaves saying he is getting late for exam. Even examiner leaves. Tendulkar and his wife thank Sai and god for sending someone to change Babu’s mind. Sai smiles seeing Babu traveling on cart and shares moral gyaan again.


Mere Sai 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Examiners question Babu. Nervous Babu seeks Sai’s help. Sai appears and says its his exam, so he should answer.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2020
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