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Mere Sai 14th November 2022 Geetabai tells everyone that since kids are working so hard and succeeding I thought of giving Prasad. Baizmaa says yes Bhumi’s success have made us all proud. Bhumi says I alone didn’t work but even….Ragini stops her and says even I want to learn Katputli. Bhumi says I will teach you definitely.

Bhumi invites everyone to see there show in Kopargaon. All praise Bhumi and Shiv gets sided. Sai says cmon lets perform aarti. Rambha says Sai let Bhumi perform aarti, she is an example for us and made us all proud. Sai says okay. Bhumi takes aarti. Vaishali stops Shiv and says you aren’t called only Bhumi is called.

Rambha tries to light diya but unable too, Tatya helps her. Sai tells everyone Bhumi’s success is because of Shiv’s support and hardwork too. Shiv asks Vaishali what is Sai saying, she doesn’t te him. Sai says because if Shiv’s art the show looks attractive. Bhumi says Sai is right this success is ours infact Shiv is the main here, he brings my stories to life. Sai says now Shiv and Bhumi together will perform aarti. Tatya says you are right Sai we were wrong to not consider Shiv’s efforts.

Tatya walks to Shiv and apologies and says come join Bhumi to perfrom aarti. Shiv and Bhumi together perform aarti.

Next day, Shiv and Bhumi perfrom their next show. Everyone again just praise Bhumi and Shiv goes backstage. Bhumi looks around and sees Shiv is missing. Collector walks to Tukaram and praises him and asks him to call his artist so that he can give them gift. Tukaram takes collector to Bhumi and says he is in rush. Bhumi says can I call Shiv as well. Tukaram says you wait and asks two men to get Shiv, they don’t find him and leave. Shiv drinking water.

Collector says to Bhumi, my kid forced me to see this show and I am so happy I came. Bhumi keeps thinking about Shiv. Tukaram announces that collector will felicitate Bhumi. Vaishali goes find Shiv and tells him come look what is happy. Shiv sees Bhumi is being felicitated. Vaishali says to him, she didn’t even care to call you, I am not liking this because you are my brother and you both work equally hard.

Collector gives Bhumi money and his son makes a painting of Bhumi and gifts her. Bhumi likes tye painting and says very pretty. Bhumi thanks everyone and says Shiv is also part of this success. Collector stops her and says she is so down to earth doesn’t give credit to her husband. Vaishali tells Shiv that Bhumi took all the credit and didn’t even mention his name and taking all praises. Vaishali keeps filling Shiv’s ears against Bhumi out of jealousy.

Bhumi keeps looking for Shiv. Vaishali thinks of telling Shiv about Bhumi saving some money separately.
Bhumi practicing inside her house. Shiv working outside. Bhumi walks to him and asks him where he is lost. Shiv says all good. Bhumi asks are you upset about the felicitation. Shiv says he is fine. Bhumi says we have show tomorrow and lot of work is to be done come lets practice. Vaishali walks in and says you two should rest and I have made puran poli for you come. Bhumi says you two have it, I have to practice. Vaishali forces Shiv to come with her.

Vaishali feeds Shiv food, and says I always fed you when you were kid, you always will be my small brother and listen I forgot money, I have to buy something I will return tomorrow. Shiv says he doesn’t have money, Vaishali says but Bhumi saves some money give me from that why lie, I have seen Bhumi keep some money in jewellery box. Shiv says he doesn’t know. Vaishali says go check if you think I am lying. Shiv checks jewellery box and sees money in it.

Vaishali says to Shiv, why was Bhumi hiding this from you, you are her husband she shouldn’t lie and is she tired of you and so she is saving money so that she can leave you and go stay with her mother but don’t worry Bhumi isn’t like this.

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Telecast Date:14th November 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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