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Mere Sai 14th January 2021 begins with Sai telling Ramdas ji that he fulfilled his duty towards others but forgot to look after yourself. The age to serve people increases when a person is healthy. Gomti ji rues that they kept telling him to take care of himself but he never paid heed to us. Sai says it isn’t just him but many others who overlook their health while still believing in God. It is an insult to God if they cannot do that. Ramdas ji says I agree. I have realised my mistake. He apologizes to his wife. I am your culprit as well. Please forgive me if you can. He turns to Sai. I just have one last wish – I want to rest my head in your lap and sleep peacefully. Sai blesses him with a heavy heart. Gomti ji helps her husband lie down. Ramdas ji rests his head in Sai’s lap. Gomti ji cries.

Sai notices Keshav filling a corner with mud. Sai asks him what he is doing. Keshav shares that a rat made a hole here. He stepped outside so I was closing it. Sai asks him why. Keshav says he keeps biting things. Our blankets are torn now. Sai reasons that he is snatching home from someone. Keshav says he can make it somewhere else. Sai says he will be pained if he will lose this house. Keshav reasons that he will eat something else again. Sai explains that it is them who aren’t taking care of their things. Is it right to punish someone else for our carelessness? Keshav realises that Sai is right. Thank you for stopping me on time.

A house is getting auctioned. The guy holding the auction tells the resident (Ramlal) that his wife (Suvidha)is still inside. She must step outside during the auction. Ramlal goes inside and tells his wife not to worry. He chants Om Sai Ram. His wife looks on unhappily. Come to your senses now atleast! What did you get by thinking about Sai? Our house is getting auctioned here and He isn’t doing anything! Ramlal says you don’t know Him. He cares for everyone. She says I cannot feel it. Ask Him to come here to do some miracle if you trust Him so much. You have been devoted to him more than any of us. Ask for the price of your devotion today. He reasons that it is devotion. One does not pay or ask for a price in devotion. It is just like how a mother understands the pain of her kid without the kid saying anything. We are in Ahmednagar yet Sai will be aware of our pain.

Sai is watching them.

Suvidha says I don’t know when He will do something. We have been insulted enough. There is nothing left now! The latest bid is of Rs. 400.

Sai takes out a red potli from a basket.

Suvidha says our memories are going to be sold off at Rs. 400 but your Sai is unaware of any of this. He does not know what His devotee is going through! You may or may not remove Him from your heart but I will remove Him from my house before we leave from here! Ramlal tries to stop her as she heads towards Sai’s photo.

Sai keeps wheat in the potli.

Suvidha and Ramlal continue with their struggles. The bid is continuing outside.

Sai hangs the potli on a nail.

Suvidha manages to push her husband away. She removes Sai’s photo when a potli falls down. They both look back in shock and confusion.

The bid is at its peak outside.

Ramlal picks up the potli and his eyes widen in shock. He goes outside and quotes a higher price (Rs. 450) for his own house. Everyone looks at him in shock. The bids change from Rs. 470 to Rs. 500. The house is saved by Ramlal. He takes out the gold coins from the potli which shocks everyone all the more. I don’t know what they are worth. Sell them off and take your money. Just give me my house. Ramlal thanks Sai as he gets the papers of his house. His wife feels bad.

Sai looks at the empty wall in Dwarkamai and smiles.

Ramlal’s wife places Sai’s photo back on the wall. Please forgive me Sai. My husband’s devotion has won today and I have lost. Ramlal says you dint lose. You also gained Sai today. Suvidha says I have understood that it is Sai’s miracle only. We got this house because of Him. He has the first right on this house. From today onwards, He is the owner of this house and we will be his devotees. Can we name this house Sai Niwas? Ramlal loves the idea. He keeps the papers in front of Sai. Please continue to bless our house like this always. They chant Om Sai Ram together.

Sai blesses them.


Mere Sai 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Srikanth complains to Sai about a kid. He isn’t focused on studies at all. His parents and I tried to explain it to him but he isn’t ready to listen. Sai asks Manas why he avoids studies. Manas replies that he does not enjoy it at all. Why study when one can be happy without it?

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Telecast Date:15th January 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


Mere Sai Details

Mere Sai (Hindi: मेरे साई) is an Hindi TV Serial on Sony TV channel. Abeer Sufi as Saibaba, Toral Rasputra as BayazaBai are lead roles in the show. This serial is made under the Production company of Dashami Creations. It is Starts/Launch on 25th September 2017, Monday to Friday At 7:30 P.M..


Toral Rasputra
Vaibhav Mangle
Abeer Soofi
Abhishek Nigam
Hemant Thatte

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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