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Mere Sai 13th September 2021 Villagers have gathered outside and in Dwarkamai but are curious as to where Sai is when He has called them here. Jhipri tells Sai that they managed somehow but not many people have enough money or resources at home. They are in trouble because they supported me. Sai tells her to have patience. Everything will be fine. She says I know that too but till when will this continue. It pains me to see the kids like this. What will they do now? Sai asks her to come with Him.

Sai enters Dwarkamai with Jhipri and other villagers. Sai asks them if they are wondering why He called them here with a handful of grains. We will give food to everyone till the time this problem is solved. No one should be hungry. Everyone smiles. You all will come here every morning and evening and do this. A guy asks Sai till when will this continue. It isn’t a problem but who will help us. I cannot bear the smell of garbage that’s behind my house. They should also help us. Even the crops need to be cut. How will we survive otherwise? Does it suit them to sit quietly like this? Sai reminds him how Sarkar has barred them from working in Shirdi. They are helpless. It isn’t their wish.

They want to work hard to earn money and food. We are breathing fresh air because of their hard work. They bear that smell every day. You couldn’t bear it for even a day! It is actually your responsibility. Why wont you dirty your hands to clean the mess? Should I come and do it instead? Nakul says I dint mean it. Sai asks him about his week offs. You get paid monthly even though you have 2 days off in a week. Those people don’t even have any off and work round the clock. Don’t they need some time off? Nakul realizes his mistake and apologizes to Sai. We will gather food for villagers. Sai nods. Let’s begin.

Everyone keeps grains, veggies, pulses in different containers. Jhipri asks Sai if entire colony will be fed with this. Sai tells her that Maalik fulfils everything that’s missing when you have good intentions. He asks the men to take the containers outside. Chandu keeps a container on the floor once he reaches outside. How did it become heavy suddenly? Everyone else does the same. Jhipri opens the containers one by one and they are full. Everyone’s eyes widen in surprise. Sai asks her if it will be enough now. She nods. Sai says the help that’s extended from one hand to another reaches the right person at any cost.

Sarkar slaps Banta. Why dint you tell me before that the crops need to be cut from tomorrow? Banta says you dint discuss anything before making an announcement. Santa reasons that he would need the maximum number of people for his fields and will end up bearing biggest loss. Sarkar says I also said that we will hire workers from other village. Get me some workers. They reply that they are working at the fields of their village right now. Sarkar tells them to find another solution to this problem now. Santa and Banta wonder what they should do now. Fakir was right. We do need those people.

Mhalsapati and his wife greet Sai. Baizama hugs Parvati. They all exchange pleasantries. Rambha and Champa ask Jhipri about Shashikant and pray that he becomes successful. Jhipri reasons that he should get work. One should work without any ultimate motive of gaining something out of it. I told him before sending him off today. Sai smiles. Kids greet Sai just then. Ragini asks Sai if they can play outside. Sai nods. Jhipri goes to play with them. Everyone smiles seeing them thus. Baizama says it looks as if the little Jhipri, who used to be always happy, is back. Champa shares that she fixes things in no time. She is so talented. She can face any problems. She knows how to get out of anything. Tatya agrees. One such Jhipri should be in every village. People can take inspiration from her and do something. Everyone nods.

Sai tells Tatya and Keshav to take 1-2 people with them to every house in Shirdi. Tell them not to light diya’s in their house in the evening. Every house of Shirdi will be in dark today. Rihana asks Sai how people will manage it. Sai asks her why cant they be in dark for some time when this can solve their problem for life. He asks Abdul and Udhav to go with Tatya and Keshav. Keshav says everyone will agree but my father wont. Sai says it is not a problem. Those who accept it are our own and those who don’t are our own as well.

Villagers are confused and hesitant over Sai’s suggestion but give in as this is Sai’s request. They are asked to come to Dwarkamai if they are still curious.

Everyone is gathered in Dwarkamai. Sai lights a diya. You all must be puzzled because of the dark. I have lit a diya. It will light up the entire village now. Mhalsapati asks Sai how this one diya will light the entire village. Sai asks him if it wont. Others shake their head. Sai asks them how it will happen then. Champa says we must light diya’s in the entire village then. Sai reasons that one Jhipri wont help the every house be successful. Tatya recalls what he had said earlier.

Sai asks villagers how can one Jhipri help the entire village achieve such progress. She was helpless and compelled to do all that. She was driven to do that because of her circumstances. Anyone can face that situation which is why every woman of Shirdi must become independent. Baizama asks Him how it will happen. Sai says Jhipri has initiated it. She will guide us now.


Mere Sai 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai says Mukhiya barren villagers from working. What can I do in this? You should ask him directly. Only the one who gave such an order can cancel it too.

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Telecast Date:13th September 2021
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