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Mere Sai 13th October 2022 Kulkarni visits Bapu Saheb. Neera says why are you here. Kulkarni says I care about him, I couldn’t stop theft but could cure him. Neera says we have Sai’s blessings you please leave. Kulkarni says Sai is fake, he has influenced you and look I got doctor outside the village as proof.

Doctor tells them that dry fruits for Bapu Saheb now could be fatal. Kulkarni says you don’t trust me take him to Nagar then, and get him checked by doctor there. Bapu Saheb says if you are done you can go, I have full faith in Sai.

Sai fixes Savitri’s leg. Savitri surprised to see Sai cure all at once and thanks Sai.
Bapu Saheb asks Kulkarni to leave. Kulkarni says I did my good even when you insulted me, here is medicine for him, he will be fine.

Neera doesn’t accept. Kulkarni says our arguments are one side and health other and remember Neera you will be responsible for Bapu Saheb now, take these medicines and keeps them in her hand and leaves.

Sai wipes Savitri’s tears and says your sorrows will end soon. Savitri says my marriage is broken how will happiness come. Sai says may be this is way to show your family a new path and strengthen relationships, this pain is necessary for happiness later, have patience and faith. Sai asks Kartik to do him a favour.

Bapu Saheb in pain, Neera drops milk by mistake. Kartik walks in, he sees Neera in tears and says let me clean it, Sai sent me to help you take care of Bapu Saheb.
Sai plays flute and Malchapati sings bhajjan with others in Dwarka Mai. Savitri in tears thinking about Dhaniram.

Kartik massages Bapu Saheb’s leg and helps Neera take care of him. Kartik gives Neera a glass of milk and says even you must be hungry, have this. Neera blesses him. Kartik asks Bapu Saheb how is he. Bapu Saheb says he has headache. Kartik says don’t worry I will massage with oil, you will feel better. Bapu Saheb asks why are you helping me.

Kartik says you are like my father. Bapu Saheb says you have magical hands how did you learn this. Kartik says my mother taught me. Bapu Saheb says no wonder this reminds me of my mother. Bapu Saheb asks Kartik to open windows so that he can hear bhajan from Dwarka Mai, Bapu Saheb hears bhajan and says my mother use to sing this bhajjan.

Dhaniram wakes up feeling uneasy, he sees there is no water around and asks Savitri to get it and then remembers them leaving.Bapu Saheb thanks Kartik for his help and asks him to return to his parents. Kartik leaves.

Bapu Saheb asks Neera to give him dry fruits and then they will go to sleep. Neera sees medicine and remembers what Kulkarni said. Bapu Saheb asks Neera what is she thinking. Neera says Kulkarni has scared me. Bapu Saheb says have faith in Sai and don’t forget Sai even cured your leg. Neera gives Bapu Saheb dry fruits as Sai asked too. Bapu Saheb has them and says look I am fine don’t worry, Kulkarni keeps lying.

Bapu Saheb gets off bed to take blessings of his mother. Neera starts crying. Bapu Saheb asks her whats wrong. Neera tells him about the stone and says she is responsible for all the problems. Neera apologises. Bapu Saheb in shock and doesn’t say anything, his health starts ruining and he faints. Neera shouts for help. Kartik walks in and checks Bapu Saheb. Neera says call Sai. Kartik says that will take time, lets take him to Dwarka Mai.

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Mere Sai 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone near Bapu Saheb, Kulkarni says its all because of Sai and I will punish him, he will be sentenced to death.

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Telecast Date:13th October 2022
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