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Mere Sai 13th May 2022 Swadeshi goods movement begins in Shirdi.
Santa Banta tell Balvant, Balvant gets angry and says keep an eye on everyone and tell me if anything happens.

Santa Banta follow villagers joining Swadeshi movement.
Everyone collects British goods in one place. Santa Banta inform Balvant about it.
Uddhav says to everyone, British think we are week but by burning these goods we will prove how strong we are and light all the goods. Balvant walks there, and hears villagers protest.

Santa and Banta discuss how angry Balvant was after Swadeshi movement and they don’t understand what Balvant says. Kulkarni sees them. Santa Banta get scared. Kulkarni says should I remind you, that you work for me,

you are my servant, and charge me for this, Balvant will leave someday but what will happen when he leaves. Santa Banta say we are confused, we can’t deny him, he is guest and bigger than you. Kulkarni slaps them and say do I look stupid, useless go find what Balvant is discussing with his team.

Santa and Banta hear what Balvant is discussing. Balvant reviews a message from British to stop swadeshi movement.

Kids tell Sai they burnt british goods and asks is he not happy. Sai says go put off the diya with dhup, Prahlad says how can we put off fire with fire. Sai says you are doing same with British. Ragini says but we should protest against injustice, Sai says you did by not using the goods but burning them is not good,

I didn’t like it, it would be better if you would donate those goods, there is so much hard work to make goods but are wasted now. Ragini says you are right, wr understand now. Sai says to make change, accept Swadesh but don’t burn British goods

Balvant says I never have lost and never will and whoever takes part in swadeshi movement they have to bare the consequences, I will tell you from where to start.

Santa Banta tell Kulkarni about discussions Balvant had, they tell him, Balvant has received something from British but we didn’t understand. Banta says something Telegram. Kulkarni says that means letter, this means British has sent a message and Balvant didn’t even discuss about that with me.

Bilal walks to Sai, and says I want to talk to you, Sai says tell me. He says I was always behind studying and never had friends or close to relatives and then when I went to see my friends….
( Bilal meets a friend, he gives him laddu made for his father to Bilal, but Bilal gives him lecture, friend gets upset.)
Bilal says to Sai I tell people what I have learnt but they get upset. Sai says look at the tree its very unique. Bilal thinks I am here with problem and Sai is talking about.

Kulkarni says to Balvant, why didn’t you tell me about British letter, Balvant says it was for officials. Kulkarni says I am official here to I am head of Shirdi, Balvant says get used to it because Shirdi is now under my control and I can handle it. Kulkarni says like you handled Swadeshi movement,

Balvant says that was one mistake and it won’t repeat. Kulkarni says it will be repeated because Sai is behind all this and I am fighting its since a long time and I am experienced. Balvant says I have handled Mumbai which has many such Shirdi and I don’t need anyone’s help. Kulkarni gets angry ober Balvant’s reaction and he remembers Sai’s word that he will punish him, Kulkarni says I am head here and won’t give up, I will show Balvant who is king here.

Sai says to Bilal, this flower blooms only at night, Bilal says enough, I am so worried and you giving me lecture. Sai says you were and are doing same.

Balvant passing by school and says I have to teach them a lesson, this school runs on British money. Balvant sees Sai talking to Bilal. Sai explains to Bilal his problem and to think about others emotion and respect their feelings to gain trust and make friends. Bilal says I couldn’t understand such small thing, thankyou Sai and leaves.

Sai sees Balvant and says think about villagers emotion, just because you find it right don’t force and only then there will be peace.

Srikant teaching kids, newspaper is delivered. Srikant says kids lets read newspaper. Balvant picks newspaper and says Kesari in rhis school. Srikant says yes it’s important to teach kids about nation. Balvant says British find this as terrorism. Srikant says I don’t care. Balvant says this is government school and this newspaper is ban in this school, this shouldn’t come here again,

also yesterday those clothes burnt, government is angry, and these kids are innocent and so to protect them I am making new laws, there won’t be any nation or freedom related things in this school and if it repeats this school will be shut down and their future is in your hands now.

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Mere Sai 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Srikant says to Balvant, its teachers responsibility to tell students about what is wrong and right and then they will become responsible enough to fight injustice.

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