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Mere Sai 13th March 2020 Episode Start With Nirali tells Sai that there is nothing strong in the world than iron. Sai says mother and child’s relationship is much stronger than iron. A woman tells a new mother that her baby is very cute. Mother says she is worried how new place Shirdi would be. Her husband Shashidhar says it would be good for all. Woman’s husband plays sitar.

Baby smiles hearing it. Woman tries to pick baby, but mother stops her and says her intention is not to hurt her, but as a mother she is worried for her baby as her baby was born ill and always used to cry, they consulted many vaidya but in vain, then a doctor told baby may get ill with human contact. Woman says even she is a mother and can understand, explains that she and her family are bhajan singers and will sing bhajan in front of Sai baba; asks if she doesn’t know about Sai baba, he is a saint who has cured many people. Mother tells her husband that they will visit Shirdi and meet Sai, feels peace hearing Sai’s name.

Sai describes a deer story to Nirali, Udhav and others that a baby deer hears music and tells other deer that he hears his mother’s voice in the music and describes how his mother sacrificed herself trying to save him from hunter. He describes a special bonding between mother and child and suggests not to trouble their mother at all and remember that mother and child are incomplete without each other.

Mother with husband and bhajan mandali family reach Shirdi, greet each other and leave. Bhajan mandali’s lady tells that family was cute. Husband scolds her for trying to befriend strangers and says they came to Shirdi for some work and will meet Sai first. Mother and husband reach their new rented house and seeing it locked husband goes to bring key from Ganoji. She tells baby that Shirdi is a very good village and they both will be happy here. She sees baby crying and sings lullaby to console him, but baby continues crying, she gets worried that he must have fallen ill again.

Keshav and Appa walk into Dwarkamayi. Sai plays bansuri. Mother hears bansuri sound and walks towards it thinking who is playing such a beautiful tune. Rama walks to Appa and says maa is calling him, Appa says he doesn’t want to go anywhere until Sai finishes bansuri. Keshav says Baizamaa has called and even Sai will not reject Baizamaa’s request, so he should go. Appa walks away with Rama. Mother meets them and asks who is playing such a beautiful bansuri tune. Rama says Sai. She asks if Sai is really great. Appa says Sai is like god to them, she will benefit a lot. She walks to Sai and keeps baby in his lap. After finishing playing bansuri, Sai says she doesn’t give baby to anyone, then why did she give it to him. She is amazed and asks how does he know. Keshav says Sai knows everything and nothing in the world is hidden from Sai. Mother thinks then Sai knows what is in her mind.


Mere Sai 16th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Mother asks husband if he brought a servant. He brings a lady who rushes to baby. Sai sitting in Dwarkamayi notices it.

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Telecast Date: 13th March 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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