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Mere Sai 13th January 2020 Episode Start With Dattu sleeps outside house. Uma pampers him and asks him to come and sleep inside house, but he insults her. She walks in crying and asks Balchandra if they fell short in Dattu’s upbringing that he is misbehaving with them. Balchandra reminds her of Sai’s advice to keep showing their immense love to Dattu even if he misbehave; he says tomorrow there is pooja at Mulay Shastri’s place and also they need to go to work for harvesting, so he will go to Shastri’s place and she should go to work with Dattu. Uma asks if Dattu will agree. He says she has to try as per Sai’s advice. Uma prays for Sai’s help.

Keshav sees Sai smiling alone and asks reason. Sai says human has many emotions, but hope is unique and gives moral gyaan regarding it.

Dattu gets hungry in the morning and eating fruit thinks it would be good if he can get hot food. Uma offers him his favorite hot food sheera. Dattu starts eating food. Uma thinks Dattu’s mood is good today, she will ask him to accompany her to work. She asks him same, but he shouts that she selfish and offered him sheera for her benefit. Uma says she offered him sheera even before. He says even then she was selfish. She tries to feed him, but he throws it away shouting on her. Uma gets angry but reminiscing Sai’s advice calms down and says she loves him a lot as he is her elder son and what is wrong if he accompanies her to work. He says she does injustice to him always and is impartial, why don’t she take Hari with her.

She says Dattu is very small. Argument continues, and Dattu shouts that real issue is she is his adopted son and she hid this fact. Uma stands shattered hearing that. Dattu says she says she doesn’t lie, but she thinks he is burden on them and want to get rid off him. Santa watching their conversation thinks he should inform Kulkarni sarkar about it. Uma says truth is she is his elder son and she loves him more than Hari. He shouts she is lying and truth is he is nothing to her.

Uma slaps him to stop his rubbish and asks who brainwashed him. He says Latha naani and describes whole story. Uma hugs him and says she loved him more than her real son and even his father loves him, then how can he think that he is burden on them. Dattu says he will fall for her sugar coated words, truth is they both pity on him and adopted him, he is leaving them and their world and will never return. Uma tries to stop him and falls down while he walks out of house. She cries loudly pleading him to stop. Neighbors lift her up and think of informing her aunty Latha. Uma angrily walks towards Latha’s house to confront her.

Sai senses Uma’s ordeal and stops his work. Pari asks why he left work incomplete and going somewhere, if someone is in trouble. Sai says yes, he needs to stop him before it is too late. Santa informs Kulkarni that Dattu left home. Kulkarni says its a good news and orders him to gather all villagers and even Shastri at Dwarkamayi.

Uma angrily walks to Latha mausi and blames her for Dattu leaving house. Latha asks her explain in detail, and she says Latha revealed in front of whole village that Dattu was found on temple steps and is a burden on them, Dattu believed and left home She curses Latha that even her granddaughter should behave with her similarly. Sai enters stopping Uma and says a mother’s curse can destroy the world, she should not say anything in anger which will harm others, even Latha did same in anger and is repenting. Uma pleads Sai to get back her Dattu something. Sai walks away saying he will do something.


Mere Sai 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Kulkarni yells at Sai that his prediction failed and Dattu left home, now he is playing game to hide his truth. Sai turns seashells and Duttu returns to the same spot where he left.

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Telecast Date: 13th January 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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