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Mere Sai 12th October 2020 Sai tells Chandorkar ji and Radha ji that they cannot do what he has called them here for till the time Chandorkar ji is free of doubts. Stay here tonight. You might be at peace. Chandorkar ji says I dint come here to stay overnight. I wanted to know why you have called me here. I have something important to do at Ahmednagar. Sai says Dwarka’s marriage wont be hindered if you stay here for a night. Chandorkar ji is surprised. How do you know about Dwarka’s marriage? Sai smiles. You may not understand it but it important for you. Radha ji requests her husband to agree for her sake. He gives in. Sai says a second may look small but it has the capacity to burst into life in that very second. A lot can change in a day. Chandorkar ji asks him what he means. Sai says you stay here can help a mother. Everyone present in Dwarkamai shoot a confused look to each other. Shyama keeps working on the vermilion.

Sai asks Govinda if he brought what he had asked him to. Govinda hands him a bag. Sai tells Chandorkar ji and Radha ji that he has arranged new clothes for them. Chandorkar ji accepts it. Sai adds that they have made arrangements in Sathewada for their stay. Udhav takes them to Sathewada. Om Sai plays.

Durpada wakes up. Saraswati asks her how she is feeling now. Durpada says it is better but I still feel tired. Saraswati offers to massage her feet but Durpada denies. You have been working since morning. You must be tired too. Saraswati denies politely. Bela offers to do it and tells Saraswati to rest. Saraswati smiles. Manik and Durpada smile at each other in surprise. Bela massages Durpada’s feet. Manik tells Saraswati that they lived under the same roof earlier also but they weren’t really a family in a way. We got a mother’s love and we have started to regain our daughter’s love now. It seems like a family now. Saraswati pats at his cheek lovingly. Bela thinks this is true. We are happy since Ajji has come here. I have to do something to make sure she stays with us forever.

Baizamaa tells Sai it is time to leave. Baaji wont sleep till the time he hears stories from me. Sai says good stories make one good human beings. It is the duty of elders to tell the moral of the stories to the kids clearly so they don’t misunderstand it. Baizamaa nods.

Durpada starts coughing in the night and sits up to drink water. She finds the bed empty and panics. She checks everywhere but Bela isn’t home. Saraswati and Manik wake up as well.

Sai is in Dwarkamai. He heads outside.

Bela is in the jungle. She starts running in shock when a branch falls down. She hugs Sai out of fear. Sai smiles at her. Where are you going at this hour? Bela says I wanted to bring Sanjeevani from jungle. Sai asks her why she needs it. Bela recalls her promise to Saraswati. I cannot tell you that. Sai pats at her head sweetly. Sanjeevani can be found at home when you have pure intentions. You don’t have to go anywhere for that. I wont tell anyone that you want to help your Ajji but you should understand that it isn’t right to get out of home all by yourself in the middle of the night. Your parents and Ajji must be so worried. I will give you Sanjeevani soon. You must promise me that you wont do this ever again. Bela promises him. Sai takes her to her home.

Durpada, Manik and Saraswati are looking for Bela. Durpada says I thought things were becoming better. What happened suddenly? Saraswati assures her that they will find Bela. Manik notices someone coming. Who is there? Durpada and Saraswati follow his gaze. They heave a sigh of relief as soon as they see Bela with Sai. Durpada hugs Bela. Are you fine? Where did you go to at this hour? Sai sends Bela home with Saraswati. He next tells Durpada and Manik that Bela understands her mistake. She has promised me that she wont do this again. Please forgive her. Manik agrees.

Saraswati hugs Bela as soon as they are home. We were so scared. Where did you go to? Bela says I went to bring Sanjeevani for you. Saraswati cries. I would have died if something had happened to you. Bela tells her she will be fine. Sai said that he will bring Sanjeevani for you and you will be fine then. Saraswati kisses her on her forehead. I am not habitual to people looking after me so much anymore. Bela hugs her.

Next morning, Bela is playing with her dolls. Manik is packing spices whereas Durpada is lost in her own thoughts. Saraswati asks them what’s bothering them. That buyer will come if he has promised to come. Durpada says he will but will he like our spices. Saraswati asks them why they doubt themselves suddenly. Manik says we haven’t been able to sell spices in such a quantity till date. People somehow don’t find them as tasty as they should be. What if they reject it too? Saraswati tastes them too. She comes back with 2 more ingredients. You should mix these in your spices. Manik and Durpada are hesitant but Saraswati tells them to trust her. Bela offers to help but Manik tells her against it. Saraswati tells them to let her help them if she wants to. That’s how kids learn. Manik gives in. Saraswati guides Bela on how to grind spices. Manik mixes the spices in the end. He tastes it and his eyes widen in surprise. He looks at Saraswati in gratitude. We never thought to make spices like this. It has changed the taste completely. Saraswati says this is just my experience. Durpada says we lacked the blessings of an elder only but you have fulfilled that kami now. There is a knock on the door. Manik says it must be the buyer. Saraswati tells him to go outside and goes to bring water for the buyers.

A girl has brought food for Sai. She tells Shyama to eat some too. She also gives him a suggestion to use sift to take care of the knotted vermilion. He thanks her.

Saraswati’s smile disappears as soon as she notices that the buyers are none other than Sakharam and Mandar. Sakharam looks at her arm.

Sai tells Shyama that the vermilion becomes complete when the knots are broken and mixed in the remaining vermilion. Shyama nods. Sai takes sift back from him. He leaves to collect alms.

Manik asks Sakharam to have water but Sakharam refuses. Manik asks Saraswati to bring snacks for the guests. She heads inside worriedly. She prays to Ram ji to help her.

Saraswati tells Manik he might have taken after his Father. Manik says she isn’t my real mother but she is like my mother. We have met a few days ago but she is a part of our family now. Sakharam decides to tell them the truth about Saraswati so they can throw her out of the house. It would be easy. Saraswati serves snacks to them. Sakharam tells Manik that a new relation is formed on the basis of honesty and faith. He notices Saraswati covering her arm (mark). Sakharam says I must tell you a truth. It is my duty to let you know. Saraswati starts chanting Jai Shree Ram. Sakharam stands up. He loses his voice when he starts telling the truth. Saraswati feeds him water. He panics as he struggles to find his voice. Saraswati feeds him honey and pats at his back. Everything will be fine. Sakharam feels bad to see her concern. She knows I came to hurt her yet she is so concerned for me.


Mere Sai 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Sakharam comes running to Dwarkamai and kneels down in front of Sai. Sai reminds him of what he had said earlier. Sakharam thinks I am ready to accept any punishment for my mistake but I want to apologize to Kaki once.

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