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Mere Sai 12th April 2021 Sarojini asks Sai where he has brought them. Sai says this is your mother’s house. He calls out to Baizama. Your daughter is here. Wont you welcome her? Baizama and Appa Kote come out holding a puja thaal. Baizama does their aarti. Sarojini asks Baizama what she is doing. Baizama says I am welcoming you. Sarojini says we don’t want to be a burden on you. Baizama asks her if kids are a burden on their parents. Sarojini asks them what they are made of. Ujjwal’s Baba disowned him even though he is his father. He threw me out of the house after promising to be my husband for 7 births yet you are welcoming me with warm heart. Sai says humanity is above all other relations. Blood relations teach us how to love our relatives. Humanity teaches us how to love the world as our own. Baizama seconds Sai. How can we let you and Ujjwal be deprived of a roof then? This is what Sai’s disciples believe in. Sarojini says I will be indebted to you for life. I promise you. Baizama tells her that there is no need to say anything. You thank strangers. Sai brought you here so you are not a stranger here. this is your house. Appa Kote seconds his wife. You can stay here for as long as you want. You can come in your house now. Ujjwal and Sarojini thank Sai with folded hands. Sai caresses Ujjwal’s head. Go now. They go inside.

Appa Kote asks Sai how someone can throw their family out like this. He pushed his son away from himself. Sai says Vallabh cannot see his mistake. He has begun to believe that what he is doing is right and considers everything else as a lie. Please look after the kid. Appa Kote asks Him why this seems to be a special request. Sai says I feel like that kid’s upliftment is going to happen through you. Appa Kote says I am glad to hear it. Sai says Allah Maalik.

Sarkar says I knkew that that Fakir will intervene to show His greatness. A guy informs Sarkar that Vallabh will destroy things. He has realised that villagers are illiterate so they cannot deduce their taxes on their own. He has offered to help them realise it. We will be doomed if that happens. Sarkar says he hasn’t been here for a week and he is trying to change so many things. He does not know that I rule Shirdi. I must do something about him before he does anything. Santa signals Banta to ask Sarkar. Banta asks Sarkar if he has a plan. Sarkar says Vallabh’s arrogance is his weakness. His reaction after being embarrassed because of his son proves that he cannot take it easily. I will make sure he will leave Shirdi! I wont sit peacefully till the time I find a chance. Hari Om!

Keshav asks Sai what happened. Sai says you understand how it feels when a father is unable to understand his son’s perspective. Keshav nods. Sai says there is another father whose pride is not letting him understand his son. Keshav knows he is talking about Vallabh ji. I can understand Ujjwal’s plight as I have been through the same thing. Father sent me to hostel and then to London. Sai asks him if he will help Him end Ujjwal’s plight. Keshav readily agrees. What should I do? Sai asks him to bring a slate and chalk tomorrow. Keshav nods. How will it help Ujjwal? Sai says sometimes even a small help can do wonders. Keshav says I will bring it tomorrow. Are you going to write something? Sai says it is Ram ji who writes. I can only try to deliver his message to the right people.

Sarojini is washing utensils. Baizama says you have been working since you came here. Let us do something too. Sarojini asks her if she wont let a daughter look after her mother. You have done so much for us. I don’t want to be a burden on you. Please ask Appa Kaka and get me a job. I wont shy from doing anything. Ujjwal asks Baizama to find work for him too. I will help Aayi. I have studied enough. I have grown up now. Baizama denies. It is your age to play and study. We are not very rich but we don’t lack anything because of Sai. We cannot let a small kid work. Sarojini can continue helping us with house chores. You wont be distracted with other thoughts then. She tells Ujjwal to rest as it is too late. Ujjwal looks at his mother. Sarojini says he cannot sleep without me. Can I put him to bed? Baizama asks her how he will find a way to his father’s heart if he wont be able to walk on his own in this small house. She reminds Ujjwal how he had said that he has grown up. Wont you sleep on your own? Ujjwal nods. He goes inside. Baizama nods reassuringly at Sarojini who resumes her work.

Ujjwal comes to Appa Kote’s room. He notices him doing some calculations. He recalls how his father had told him not to show him face while he is working. Ujjwal turns to go when Appa Kote asks him to come to him. Are you sleepy? Ujjwal denies. Can I sit with you if it’s ok? I will sleep in some time. Appa Kote agrees. I wont be able to spend time with you right now as I am working. you can keep yourself busy with whatever you like. This is your house only. You don’t need permission for anything. Ujjwal is touched. Everyone loves me here so much. Wish Baba could love me like this as well. He tells Appa Kote he does not need anything. I will just sit here for a while. Appa Kote notices Ujjwal staring at his calculations. Appa Kote shares that he is calculating the taxes for the year. Working in the fields is easier than this. You will learn this in school when you will grow up. Ujjwal checks his notes and then starts calculating it. He gives answer before Appa Kote can even calculate it properly. Appa Kote says I praise your efforts but you will be taught how to calculate it in a higher class. I am glad that you tried though. Appa Kote finishes his calculation and looks at Ujjwal in shock. This is the exact amount that you had calculated. How could you do it so easily and without any paper, pen? Ujjwal smiles. I don’t know how but I find calculations very easy. Appa Kote calls him a magician of calculations. You solved it so quickly. He gives almonds to Ujjwal as a prize. Ujjwal recalls how his father always taught him to stretch his hands just to beat him. His eyes well up. Appa Kote asks him what happened. Ujjwal shares that this is his first prize. I will never forget it. Appa Kote hugs him.

Appa Kote is unable to sleep. Why do I feel so restless today? Why do I feel as if I have missed something when I close my eyes? Ujjwal is sleeping peacefully. Appa Kote thinks of Sai’s words. Now I have understood the meaning behind your words, Sai. Everyone thought he was dumb but I saw his talent. I have to bring it out in front of everyone now! I will come to meet you first thing in the morning, Sai. He caresses Ujjwal’s head lovingly. Om Sai Ram!

Next morning, Appa Kote meets Sai. I was coming to meet you only. Sai says I know but you must meet someone else instead. I was coming to take you to him. Appa Kote asks him where they are going. Sai says we have very less time. You should understand that you have to tell that person the same thing that you were about to tell me. I am taking you to him only. Let’s go.

Ujjwal notices his Baba and sister in the town and stops in his tracks. Nirmala notices her brother as well. They both smile at each other. Nirmala begins to go to him but Vallabh stops her. We share no relation with him anymore. Forget that you ever had a brother! He takes Nirmala from there. Ujjwal looks on sadly.

Ujjwal reaches class. He notices a sum on the board. Kids are sitting quietly in the classroom. Ujjwal apologizes for coming late. Srikanth tells him to come in. Ujjwal asks him if he made any mistake. Srikanth denies. All the kids tried to answer the question on the board but they haven’t been able to find it yet. I know it’s a difficult question but I am sure one of you will answer it successfully. He looks at Ujjwal. Ujjwal asks Srikanth if he can try.


Mere Sai 13th April 2021 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarkar asks Raja about studies. Raja says I scored very well in all the subjects except maths. Ujjwal is best in maths. He has been chosen for the competition because of his talent. Sarkar vows to do something to make sure that Ujjwal will be proven dumb again.

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Telecast Date:12th April 2021
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Mere Sai Details

Mere Sai (Hindi: मेरे साई) is an Hindi TV Serial on Sony TV channel. Abeer Sufi as Saibaba, Toral Rasputra as BayazaBai are lead roles in the show. This serial is made under the Production company of Dashami Creations. It is Starts/Launch on 25th September 2017, Monday to Friday At 7:30 P.M..


Toral Rasputra
Vaibhav Mangle
Abeer Soofi
Abhishek Nigam
Hemant Thatte

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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