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Mere Sai 11th November 2022 Sai in Dwarka Mai gets up. Bhumi throws stone at Shiv and shows him the kid. Shiv rushes and saves the kid. Sai stops the horse, owner thanks Sai. Sai says to him, horses can’t talk but we can see pain on his face. Owner says you are right Sai, I thought horse would be able to take this work load but looks like he needs rest and I will make sure I will take proper care of him and leaves.

Everyone praises Shiv for saving kid. Bhumi smiles. Sai walks tl her and says Shiv is so brave. Bhumi says he likes to help people, Sai says lets talk on our way to Dwarka Mai. Bhumi tells Shiv to drop kid to his home and join her at Dwarka Mai.

Bhumi says to Sai, I know you could stop tye horse earlier but you wanted people to praise Shiv. Sai says even you let him take the appreciation. Bhumi says but he actually saved him.

Sai says you alerted Shiv at right time and people just saw his bravery but that doesn’t mean your contribution isn’t important and at times in such situation there could be jealously and you two should also ensure that your work is equally appreciated so that there is no misunderstanding.

Bhumi says don’t worry Sai we don’t have place for misunderstanding. Shiv joins them. Bhumi tells him, Sai was praising his bravery and rest she will tell later. Two men from Tukaram’s team come to them for next show announcement, Bhumi tells Shiv and says okay.

Bhumi later sees Shiv working on the stage paintings and says to Shiv you worked hard whole night, I will also go practice.
Shiv and Bhumi perform their next show, everyone likes it. Sai present too.

Shiv and Bhumi buy a bed for their house. Everyone praise Bhumi and Shiv but give all credits to Bhumi. Vaishali hears people praising Bhumi more and gets jealous.

Bhuki and Shiv keep performing in different places and Bhumi gets more appreciation and Shiv doesn’t get much attention. Bhumi from payment saves some money.
Bhumi and Shiv together to Vaishali’s house. Few women call Bhumi she walks to them, They praise Bhumi.

Vaishali sees that. Bhumi tells everyone that my work can be seen properly is because if my husbands art without him this would be impossible.
Vaishali says to Shiv, everyone keeps praising Bhumi, I am very happy but always people appreciate the one they see and everyone thinks Bhumi does all the hardwork and they don’t know that your dolls and paintings bring life to her stories and I wish I could tell everyone you are so hardworking and I am so proud of you but no worries atleast Bhumi is getting praised.

Bhumi keeps money in cupboard, Vaishali sees her keeping money separately.
Vaishali again upset at his husband and says leave your accounts and tell me what you have thought, he says I am very busy.

Vaishali says look at my brother because of Shiv, Bhumi is so famous, why can’t I get permission to work. He says Bhumi helps Shiv because Shiv was not able to sustain in any work and you have everything here and so my parents won’t agree. Vaishali says go talk to them. He says it will take time I will talk to them later and I am very busy and walks inside.

Bhumi and Shiv walk to Vaishali with a gift. Vaishali sees its a doll which looks like her. Bhumi and Shiv leave for market. Vaishali looks at the doll and gets angry and says oh Bhumi is doing this to insult me and so has made a doll look like m and goes throw the doll in fire. Sai picks it up.

Sai says to Vaishali, you haven’t even seen it properly and you burnt it. Vaishali says they gave me this to make fun of me. Sai says this doll is your brothers hard work and he has given something else too and gives her the sma bag in it. Vaishali sees it has bangles. Sai says Vaishali you have misunderstood whole situation because of jealousy.

Vaishali says they gave me this to show me that Bhumi earns and I don’t. Sai says I agree that everyone should be allowed to work and for you to start working you have to give up jealously and anger and Bhumi has nothing to do with this but your jealousy will ruin everything, learn to contribute in everyone’s happiness and leaves.

Vaishali says Sai also points my mistake but I will show everyone Bhumi’s true colours.

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Mere Sai 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vaishali tells Shiv that Bhumi keeps some money on jewellery box.Shiv goes check the box and sees money in it.During a show Shiv stops working.

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Telecast Date:11th November 2022
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