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Mere Sai 11th May 2022 Officials tell Balvant about foreign protest, and if it reaches Mumbai and government falls its not good for us. Balvant says I have to make sure it doesn’t reach Shirdi, officials say as a solution English government has decided to increase tax and also only English clothes will be made available in Shirdi and we will stay here until this town is flooded with English goods and these people have no chance to protest. Balvant says this will be done but why will people choose English goods. Officials say leave that to us. Balvant says okay I will make sure the protest doesn’t start here.

Balvant calls villagers to Chavni. Kulkarni walks to him and asks what announcement you have. Balvant says you will know.Balvant in chavni, addresses villagers that English government needs help and so they have increased taxes. Villagers disappointed, say to Balvant, its already difficult how can we pay more.

Balvant says I did speak on your behalf and they have reduced some amount but I can’t help anymore ahead and just following rules, I apologise but please support and soon government will repay but for global peace we need it because only English can save us from the outside countries and leaves.
Kulkarni thinks Balvant is such a big hypocrite.

Villagers discuss situation with Sai, that this rule is going to economically be bad for Shirdi. Kids sees a cart and stops it, and ask what is it. They tell him this has English goods. Kids get happy knowing that even they can dress like Prahlad.

Villagers see kid and think what if kids get influenced. Sai says they won’t look at Mahesh. Majapati says outside world is always attractive what if they forget roots. Sai says its our responsibility. Srikant says I have work and leaves.

Sai passing by school sees kids reciting song on motherland. Srikant sees Sai smiling and walks to him. Srikant tells Sai he got inspired by Sai’s talk and has taken initiative to teach kids about our motherland, he tells Sai he will organise a play to teach everyone about current situation and they learn and love their country.

Sai draws 3 circles parallel and keeps stone in it. Prahlad walks to Sai and hugs him. Everyone happy to see Sai. Prahlad says he didn’t like Mumbai. Sai asks where is Keshav.
Kulkarni heats Keshav’s voice. Keshav calls his mother. Rukmani heats Keshav’s voice
Kulkarni asks Tejasvi you are back and where is Keshav.

She says pooja ghar.
Rukmani prays in tears says I always feel like Keshav is calling me. Keshav walks to her. Rukmani very happy. Keshav says I am here maa. She hugs him. Kulkarni walks in. Rukmani asks where is Prahlad, Keshav says he went to see Sai, Kulkarni walks to Tejasvi in anger.

Tejasvi says because of that beggar we are back. Keshav says don’t lie we are here because of you. Tejasvi says I always wanted to stay in Mumbai but who cares and that beggar made it difficult to stay there. Keshav says enough Sai never does wrong. Tejasvi says he did, he insulted us and also influenced Mahesh, I won’t bare this anymore.

Tejasvi walks ti Savari and kicks dustbin. Savari cleaning in shock. Tejasvi picks a stick and pushes dustbins and calls Savari a bad influence, she says I will make sure you are punished, you will be upset for marrying Mahesh and even that beggar won’t help you. Kulkarni says Tejasvi you must be tired go restm Tejasvi says I will rest when I destroy her life and leaves.
Keshav walks to Savari, and apologies, he leaves.

Sai asks Srikant, which circle the stone is in. Srikant says its in all 3, Sai says this is because all three are into eachother, which means there is nothing bigger and stronger than love, 1st circle our clise people, 2nd our country and 3rd our world, and when we learn to love people they will love country too and then there will be no war.

Officials force people to sell English goods. They deny saying we have clothes and goods. Officials says with these clothes you don’t need tailor or poter, these are new age goods, these vessels very user friendly and boots very durable and its compulsory to sell these and this is an opportunity government is giving to make you rich. Market agrees and start selling English goods.

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Mere Sai 12th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Keshav thinks Sai I can’t face you, I didn’t fulfill my responsibility.Sai asks to lend him knife in bhiksha. Sai is handed knife, he cuts grains potli and then saya now pick these only with your hands.

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Telecast Date:11th May 2022
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