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Mere Sai 11th February 2020 Episode Start With Sai informs Tatya that he is going to rest and not to let anyone disturb him. Tatya says he always helps people forgoing his health, if he is alright. Sai says he is fine and shouldn’t be disturbed. Tatya agrees. Sai takes rest. Upasana with Sindhu’s help brings Dashrath on cart and calls Sai. Tatya says Sai is resting. Upasana says always helps people, what happened to him now. He says Sai told not to disturb him.

Tatya says there is a vaidya in Dharamshala and she can seek his help. Upasana pulls cart towards Dharamshala. Tatya thinks Sai is thinking something, else he never sends people without helping. He sees Sai standing behind him and says he should have called Upasana. Sai says he knows. Tatya asks why didn’t he treat Dashrath. Sai says when someone is blind in arrogance and distinguishes between daughter and son and doesn’t want to listen anyone, it is better not to help him. He continues his moral gyaan.

Upasana takes paralyzed Dashrath to vaidya. Vaidya checks Dashrath and says his treatment is possible with swarnabhasma mixed medicine and it will cost 17-18 rs. Upasana thinks she believed only Sai and reminisces Sai’s gifted packet. Sindhu asks where is she going. Upasana reminds her Sai’s given packet asking her to open it when if she needs it most. Sindhu says Upasana suffered so much, even then she didn’t open it. Upasana says nothing is more important than baba’s life. She reaches home and opens packet, money falls from it. Upasana thanks Sai. Sai says one who helps others is really great.

Megha returns to Sai and says he drew trishul on wall as per Sai’s order, what should he do next. Sai says patience and asks Tatya and Megha to make lamp thread. He then plays bansuri while Upasana gets medicine and feeds it to Dashrath and massages his paralyzed and feet. A Sadhu walks into Dwarkamayi and asks if Sai Baba stays here. Tatya points at Sai. Sai greets him. Sadhu says he is returning from Kashi where a saint gave him a gift and asked to give it to Sai. He takes out gift from his bag and gives it to Sai. Sai thanks him and opening cloth sees shivling. He then gifts it to Megha as he knows he loves praying Shivji and performing shivling’s pooja. Megha thanks Sai, says he will pray shivling his whole life and Sai baba should establish it. Sai agrees and asks him to invite Rao Bhahadur Sathi Ji.


Mere Sai 12th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Kulkarni asks Upasana being a girl how will she pay his debt. She says its none of his business. Santa slaps her and gets her instead. Sai reaches Upasana.

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Telecast Date: 11th February 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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