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Mere Sai 10th September 2021 Jhipri says thank God that you reached there on time. Shashikant says we should thank the one who was running with the bag of silver coins. Everyone gets confused. Shashikant says he s the one who took me to Latika. Jhipri wonders who it could be. Nanasaheb says I know who it is. I saw Sai filing a bag with silver coins in the morning. Who else can show the path to people? Everyone smiles. Sakku Bai refuses to believe it. He was right here with us all the time! Jhipri says you haven’t understood him and you never will.

Sakku Bai isn’t interested. The trip here has been of only one use though. She asks Shashikant about the coins. They are in this bag right? He nods. She asks him to come home. Let’s keep it in the locker. Nanasaheb reasons that they belong to Sai but Sai says they belong to the one who has found them. They belong to Shashikant. He tells Shashikant he has full freedom to use the coins however he wants. Shashikant looks at his mother. He gives the bag to her which puzzles her. Let’s go to village together. Shashikant tells her he wont come. Now I will do what I should have done long ago. I have decided to take the responsibility of my family. I will stay here with Jhipri and Latika now.

Everyone smiles. Shashikant says I will stay in this house. Jhipri can work if she wants. I will also find a job and repay the debt. I will teach my daughter so she can also become independent like her mother. I will stay with my wife and daughter. I don’t need this money if they are with me. They are my real treasure. You can keep the coins. You said that you should get something good out of your trip to Shirdi. I have got it already. He hugs Latika and apologizes to Jhipri for not supporting her till date. I wil support you now. I will do all that a good husband and father should do.

Sakku Bai asks Shashikant if he is leaving his mother for them. Do you think you will be able to work here while staying with them? You will come to your senses after working for 2 days and you will come running to me! Shashikant tells her it wont happen. I am on the right path after years. I wont sway now. Sakku Bai asks him how he can leave his old mother alone. Sai says it is you who has left your kids. You always kept your son under your control as he did not earn. You always disrespected your DIL as she dint bring dowry. You never looked at Latika lovingly as she is a girl.

Daughters end up taking money when they get married. You measured every relation only with money. You have a lot of silver coins now. Take them and stay happy. You always said that a woman who has been abandoned by her husband cannot thrive. Look at fate now. It is you who has ended up alone in place of Jhipri today. Your situation is very pitiful today. Atleast Latika and Jhipri’s friends were by her side. What did you get because of your greed? There are so many people yet no one is ready to stand by you.

Sakku Bai breaks down. I have always been rude and bitter. I know that people don’t retort to me. My husband was well-off and a nice guy. I took advantage of that. I gave importance to money over everything else. No one tried to stop me ever. My husband was very calm so I always got my way. Things went against my wish only once in life. My husband brought a DIL that I never liked. I could never get over it. She was not someone I liked and she wasn’t well-off like us. I made sure that my son never supported her. Everything is over now! I have everything yet I have nothing. What’s the use of this money and house when I have no one to share all that with? Maybe this is my punishment. God has given me everything but I never valued it.

Sai says I am glad that you have understood it. You greed and orthodox outlook made a woman suffer for 10 years. It isn’t just you though who think like this. They don’t give importance to anything or anyone when it comes to money. Sakku Bai accepts her fate as her penitence. She walks up to Jhipri. I have no words to form an apology. I don’t deserve it as I never accepted you or blessed you whole heartedly. I bless you from all my heart today. Stay happy and keep my family happy. Give them all the happiness that I couldn’t. Jhipri tells her she need not apologize. We will stay happy with your blessing and so will you. You don’t have to go anywhere. You can stay here with us.

Sakku Bai shakes her head. I have to do penitence for my sins. Come to meet me sometimes if possible. Sakku Bai gives the coins to Nanasaheb. Give these coins to them to pay off the loan. Pay off Jhipri’s debt with whatever remains. That way she wont have to spend her hard earned money anywhere else. Nanasaheb tells her to think it through. This is a lot of money. Sakku Bai says I have never done anything for anyone without any selfish reasons till date. Let me do it today. She gives the bag to Nanasaheb and begins to go when Latika calls out to her. I also need Ajji with Aayi Baba. Why are you leaving? Sakku Bai insists that she was wrong. I don’t deserve to stay with all of you. I will be able to live happily only after doing penitence. Sai asks her if it is ok to hurt Latika because of that. What you did just now was your penitence. You can stay happily with your family here now. Everyone nods at Sakku Bai. She hugs Latika. Shashikant and Jhipri join them. Om Sai plays.

Sai says I am very happy that you are together as one family again. Remember one thing though. Things go out of hand when we don’t do anything. You should douse the fire the moment it starts. It will only spread if you will be a mere spectator. He tells Shashikant he not just has to earn money for his family. You also have to maintain balance. Things can never go wrong if a husband supports his mother and wife at the right time and maintains balance. Son has a bigger responsibility in the household. He is dear to his mother and wife equally. No family will break ever if he will maintain that balance.

Make yourself capable enough to support your mother or wife whenever required. Shashikant agrees to abide by his suggestion always. Sai blesses everyone. He praises Jhipri for not just keeping her self-respect intact but for also proving it that a woman is no less than a man. She can achieve anything that she sets her mind to. Every woman present here would want to become like you – an ideal daughter, an ideal DIL, an ideal wife and an ideal woman! You have won 1 battle but there is still a lot that needs to be done. I want you to do it for me and for everyone present here. Jhipri readily agrees. What is it? Sai agrees to tell her at the right time. Allah Maalik!


Mere Sai 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tatya says one such Jhipri should be in every village to inspire people. Sai says how one Jhipri can help all villages achieve such progress. Such Jhipri should be present in every town. Baizama agrees. How will we make it happen? Sai replies that Jhipri will guide them as she has the one who started it.

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