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Mere Sai 10th November 2022 Santa Banta attack Heera, villagers step in support of Heera and says he still has one month and all this won’t be tolerated. Santa Banta whisper its better they leave or else these men will hit them hard. Santa says I will leave you today and if you don’t get our money I will kill everyone here and leaves.

Neighbours tell Heera, because of his daring step to stand for himself, they stood for him. Everyone pray to Sai and thanks him. Sai blesses them all. Sai says to Bhumi if Heera would not show confidence today he would have lost everything and similarly if you stand for what is right everyone will support you. Bhumi says Sai I know what I have to do today, I will tell them one of your stories because they are inspiring.

At the show, Tukaram welcomes everyone. Bhumi and Shiv getting ready back stage. Few men walk to Tukaram and says we hope this time your artists don’t run away and you cancel the show and we have rotten tomatoes ready, Bhumi hears that and thinks of Vaishali’s words.

Bhumi and Shiv perfeom everyone loves their performance. Bhumi hugs Shiv backstage. Tukaram says come outside everyone wants to meet you. Shiv and Bhumi walks outside people congratulate and praise them for portraying Sai so well, Bhumi tells its Shiv’s hard work too. Everyone praises Bhumi alone and Shiv steps back. Bhumi sees him and calls him near her, he denies and goes back stage.

Bhumi later goes to him and says it was your hardwork why didn’t you stay with me. Tukaram says it was your efforts and here is your pay 50₹. Bhumi says Thank you for having trust in us. Tukaram says I will soon announce next show be prepared. Shiv gives money to Bhumi,

Bhumi says it’s our hardwork. Sai says you are right Bhumi. Bhumi says how come you are here. Sai says it was your first show how can I miss. Bhumi and Shiv take Sai’s blessings. Sai says you stood together in bad times and now you also need to support eachother in these happy times and leaves.
Shiv asks Bhumi what did Sai say, Bhumi says nothing and holds his hand.

Vaishali walks to Geetabai and says you never supported me and I don’t need anything from this house now, Shiv sees Vaishali and rushes to her and goes stop her. Bhumi decides to save some money for something special.

Geetabai asks Shiv and Bhumi how was the show. Vaishali says look they have so much stuff it definitely must be nice. Bhumi says correct and hands Geetabai money and says Vaishali Tai I got gift for you.

Bhumi gives saree to Geetabai and shows saree Shiv got for her and then bangles for Vaishali. Bhumi drops it. Bhumi opens packet and sees it’s broken. Bhumi says I am sorry bangles broke. Vaishali says when you give forcefully give it, these things will happen, anyways I have work and leaves.

Shiv says to Bhumi its fine. Geetabai says Bhumi don’t be sad and get her new ones later. Bhumi tells Geetabai that Sai came to watch show and wants to go take Sai’s blessings.
Bhumi sees fruit seller and goes get some for Sai. A kid falls down and Bhumi sees an unattended cart approaching him. Bhumi slips to while trying to save.

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Mere Sai 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Sai says to Bhumi that at times people praise the one who they see and then the other who works equally hard may feel left out.Vaishali says to Shiv, look you work so hard but all praise just Bhumi, never mind atleast she is getting praised.

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Telecast Date:10th November 2022
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