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Mere Sai 10th May 2022 Tejasvi says to Keshav why didn’t you listen to me. Keshav says Sai taught me to always support the truth. Tejasvi says you both believe in Sai, you were threatened and Prahlad was bullied. Keshav says Sai gave me hope and one who has hope can do anything.
Srinivas and his colleague decide to steal a lot today, good Keshav isn’t here anymore.

Baizamaa’s son says to Sai, Aai is so happy you had dinner with us, she never is this happy for me, I feel jealous at times. Baizamaa says enough you two, Sai come have food. Sai says I want 7 modaks and will eat when I am hungry. Baizamaa gives Sai modak. Sai leaves.

Tejasvi, Prahlad and Keshav pray. Prahlad asks Tejasvi does she have anything to eat he is hungry. Tejasvi says no. Prahlad says Sai never lets injustice happen then why did he do this to us. Keshav says its not injustice, it’s test of our loyalty and trust Sai all will be good. A man walks in temple he has modaks in his plate, he prays to God and gives it to Prahlad, Tejasvi and Keahav.

He says to them, my big and important work is done today and so I made Modaks and kids love modak’s here have one more. Man says to Keshav, you look visitors, so an advice, pack your jewellery in bag, there can ve theft here, you look from good family and leaves. Sai smiles and looks at his plate, its empty.

Keshav sees Prahlad enjoying modak’s and gives his share to him. Tejasvi says we were so happy in Shirdi, here we are begging. Keshav says its prasad. Tejasvi says why can’t we stay at my father’s is our pride bigger than our kid. Keshav jn tears. Tejasvi packs her jewellery.

Prahlad wake up, and asks Keshav where will we go. Keshav says where Sai will take us. Tejasvi says may be Sai wants us to go to my father. Keshav says Sai wants me to retain my self respect. Tejasvi says me without jewellery, sleeping in temple is this self respect, sell my jewellery and buy a house.
A man walks to Keshav and says come with us right away. Keshav asks where and what has happened. Keshav closes his eyes and takes Sai’s name and leaves with them.

Keshav says to Shankar, I haven’t stolen, I am ready to go get arrested because I have trust in Sai, and my Sai js just testing me. Shankar says to Keshav, I made a mistake I know you are innocent, please forgive me, the real culprit is Srinivas, I caught him red handed….
( Last night Shankar asleep, Santosh visits him and says there is fire in godown, Shankar and Santosh rush to godown, Santosh says go inside, Shankar turns around and sees Santosh isn’t around, Shankar goes to godown and sees Srinivas and his colleague stealing.)

Shankar tells Keshav, that Srinivas has accepted his fault, please forgive me. Keshav says you based your decision on proofs. Shankar says please rejoin and I will even talk to landlord and get you your room back and God is truly with you. Keshav asks what do you mean. Shankar says yesterday Santosh called me and he was not in duty but on leave so who was the person who came. Keshav joins his hands and smiles says Sai.
Sai meditating smiles.

Keshav tells Tejasvi and Prahlad that he is proven innocent and Tejasvi look Sai didn’t let injustice happen to us, now we will have a new start, we are also getting our room back, lets go. Tejasvi says to him, she doesn’t want to go to dirty chawl, there are no servants too and I don’t think I will get any relief. Keshav says Sai must surely have thought about us. Keshav says we won’t go to your fathers. Tejasvi says we are not living here or at my father’s, we are going back to Shirdi, no one is happy here, we will leave today itself. Keshav asks her, are you sure. Tejasvi says yes.

Sai meditating, a boy walks to him. Sai calls him and asks did you get what I asked for, he says yes and hands Sai ab envelope and asks what is this for.

Kulkarni walks to Balvant and sees some higher officials and greets them and says you should have informed I would make arrangements. Balvant says they here for me, Kulkarni why didn’t you tell me about it, Balvant says because we didn’t need your help, and you anyways wanted to go check fields please go. Kulkarni leaves.

Tejasvi asks Keshav why isn’t he happy. Keshav says we don’t have money, I will have to work for something than we can leave. Tejasvi says let’s ask my father for help, if I can consider your father as mine, why can’t you, what is this need to be Harishchandra, Sai wants you to live just like him, like a beggar. Keshav says its Sai’s blessings it’s all okay with us, have some patience and I will give you everything. Tejasvi says I don’t have any and if Sai is so great ask him to take away from here, don’t you have enough money. Keshav says no, we can’t buy tickets for Shirdi.

Sai takes the envelope and burns it in havan kundh. Keshav checks his pocket and finds tickets in it and smiles and shows to Tejasvi. Tejasvi in shock. Sai says to the boy your tickets reached the traveller. Keshav says to Tejasvi, look Sai is always there for us. Tejasvi says why did Sai tortured us, and he let us come to Mumbai so he can insult me. Keshav says you wanted to go Shirdi, we got tickets and still you are blaming Saim Tejasvi leaves. Keshav and Prahlad follow.

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