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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 9th January 2020 Episode Start With Nia coming to office, recalls Kabir and her conversation. She comes to his cabin and asks what is her new job? He says I didn’t know and tells that he will discuss in the meeting. She says she has taken the desk. He says ok, perfectly fine. Nia comes to Kabir and says cold behavior is not good, and tells that they shall move on and forget. Kabir says ok and tells that they shall talk later. Nia says sure and goes. Kabir looks on. Guneet’s Bua asks Pummy about Guneet’s marriage. Guneet comes there and asks if she didn’t talk about her marriage. Bua asks her to marry a nice guy before she gets old. Guneet says I will go to market and search good guy for me. bua gets upset. Pummy tells that she is seeing alliance for Guneet. Guneet says Maa is lying and tells that she is happy alone. Bua blames Pummy for not getting her married. Pummy says the guys of Guneet’s choice left her. Guneet asks her to have paratha and stop talking. Bua says she will make Guneet marry someone. Guneet gets sad.

Kajal asks Nia to make profile of Amber, with fake identity. She says we will tell later when he starts chatting. They think of names for him. Kajal asks him to write opposite of his personality. Nia recalls about Randeep’s words, saying App will be hit if real connections are written. Nia writes about Amber’s love for Anjali without mentioning the names. Kajal asks her to post. Nia makes the profile.

Ghanshyam makes Amber sit on the chair. Amber asks him not to argue with him. Ghanshyam takes him out in the hall. Amber teases and scolds Ghanshyam. Nia says hi. Ghanshyam goes. Nia tells that she has made profile on their App and many messages are coming on it. Amber asks if she talked to Kabir? Nia says yes. She says she is thinking to join railways. Amber says atleast you are smiling. He asks her to show the messages. Nia says I can’t show, but can read. She reads the message. Amber gets a call and shouts, says don’t let him touch any files. He asks Ghanshyam to take out the car and tells that Mehndi Datta’s son has kept all the bookings on hold under computerization is done. Nia says I will also come with you. Amber says ok. They come to office. Nia asks him not to shout. Amber comes inside and sees some employees working on Computer. Amber asks where is that Mehndi’s son. Upadhya says they will work here on computer. The new employees ask who is he? Amber asks them to leave and shout at them. Nia reminds him of his promise. Amber says I will throw them out. Randeep brings cake and says Amber Sharma is back, calls for the party. Nia sees him and recalls the happenings. Randeep also sees her and smiles. He is about to talk to her. Nia stops him and asks why is he interfering in her Dad’s business. She says this gunda giri will not work here. She says this office is of my dad and asks him to move to side. Randeep smiles and asks her to hear him. Nia puts his head on the cake and leaves. Randeep says she is so sweet.

Nia makes Amber rest on bed. Amber is happy that Nia scolded him. Nia says his idea is good and tells that she had told him to get computerization done. She thinks about him. She says good night and comes to room. She sees reflection in her window and calls Dad. Randeep says its me. Nia pulls the curtains down of the hall window. She asks Randeep what is he doing here? Randeep says your room is good. She says Dad will come. Randeep says you don’t your dad to know that we know each other, as he dislikes me. She says you don’t want your dad to know that you like me. Nia says that situation was like dream and holiday, whatever happened in US, and asks him to forget it and not to tell anyone. Randeep asks if she is joking? Nia asks him to just leave. Randeep says we are still the same. Nia says I am not you, but me. She says that Nia was different, but I am different here.

Randeep asks if her dad is also selfish. He says I never thought that we will meet again, don’t know how and when, we shall give a chance. He says he really like her, and I know that…Nia says I don’t like you and tells that Dad reached hospital because of you. She says you wants to take over his business. Randeep says no, he is doing as told by his dad. He says he heard her words and trusted his Dad. He says his dad asked him to make this business profitable. Nia says your dad is very smart and wants to see you fail, as you can’t change my dad. He asks what do you want? She says if anything happens to my dad then you have to fight with me. He is about to open the door. Nia asks him to go from the window from where he came? Randeep says I am ready to fight and tells that he really likes her.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 10th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Amber reads poetic message on Nia’s laptop and replies back.

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Telecast Date: 9th January 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv and Sony Liv


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