Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 8th October 2020 Episode starts with Episode starts with Shri and Kajal telling Swara about Kabir handling Amber’s coffee and tells that Amber was very upset when Nia had gone to America. Kajal asks if we will get Amber-Guneet kind of love. Kabir and Nia looks at each other. Shri says I will not get, but you will. They predict their future. Swara tells that they will settle down in Bangalore and have their own company. They imagine Shri and Kajal in office and Kabir as uncle holding baby. Swara says he will be equally handsome even after 10 years. Shri imagines, Kabir comes to the office holding office and tells that baby didn’t let me sleep all night. Swara comes there and gives bottle to Kabir. Shri tells about Kabir being the director of the company. Swara tells that she has become home maker. Shri takes their pic. Imagination ends. Swara tells that she don’t mind becoming home maker. She tells Kabir that love is the reason and it is the right reason. Kabir says it is your life and you shall decide. Swara asks will you support me? Kabir tells that he is with her.

Amber and Guneet talk to each other. Amber tells that now only 4 relatives will come to the marriage and tells that marriage will be simple now. Guneet says if he wants to elope then she will elope with him, if more guests come. She then asks him to marry himself and go to honeymoon on terrace. Amber asks did I say that I am not getting married. Guneet says I am asking you to do as you think right. She ends the call.

Kabir says let’s do the work. Kajal says Nia’s prediction is remaining. Kabir says Nia Sharma 2030. Kabir, Swara, Kajal and Shri come to Amber’s house. They think where is bell and talk to Amber on the video fixed to the bell. Amber calls them inside and tells that Nia is single, as she is having 3 companies and 20 offices, tells that she shall have a suitable partner. Nia comes there and sits. Amber says I am 60 years old now, it is not in my hands to search groom for Nia. He asks Kabir to search groom for her and announces a prize. Kajal asks what? Amber says I will make coffee and make you drink. They say no. Amber says I will make babies drink coffee. Swara checks the grooms and says that guys are good. Nia says they are not suitable for marriage and tells Swara that she is lucky to get Kabir. Imagination ends. Swara, Kajal, Shri and others ask Nia to see the guy. Nia sees RB’s face and says he is nice. Kajal says your life is set. Kabir says it is nonsense. Nia asks what is wrong in Rishi. Later she comes on the date. Kabir says he wants to see their date. Swara asks why? Shri says I will make you see RB’s entry. RB is still young. Kabir asks what is this cheating, you made me old and fat and he is still the same. Swara says he is same. Shri says lets go and see the date. RB comes and gives flower to Nia. Nia says you haven’t changed. RB says you are old like wine and more beautiful.

Kabir asks Shri to stop the song and then let him play as it is his imagination. Kabir gets upset seeing Nia and RB together on a date. RB gives her drink and they dance. RB bends down on his knees…Swara says oh God, he is proposing….Nia opens the ring box. He makes her wear it and kisses her hand. Nia hugs him. Kabhi yeh vada hai…plays…Imagination ends. Shri says RB proposed Nia and she couldn’t refuse. Kabir says I don’t want to hear this stupid story and is going to make coffee.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :The lady whom Amber had met on a date before comes to his house and asks if he called her to celebrate her birthday. Amber is surprised.

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Telecast Date:8th October 2020
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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