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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 5th February 2020 Episode Start With Amber messaging Guneet that if chatting like this is wrong. Guneet messages that she reached his house for a family get together. He replies asking her to take her time. Anurag opens the door and asks them to come. Ruhi calls Moti aunty to Pummy and says hi to Guneet. Anurag says manners? Guneet says it is ok. Anurag says his mum is in US. He says I can work as the alliance haven’t happened till now.

Simmy comes to Amber’s house and asks shall I come inside, or you want me to go. Amber asks her to come inside and sit. She sits on the sofa. Amber lets the door open. Simmy asks if there is nobody at home. Amber says Servant comes and goes. He asks her to drink tea and says he will make. Simmy asks shall I help you? Ruhi shows photo book to Guneet and says smartness is in her genes. Pummy goes with her to see the house. Amber makes tea and gives to Simmy. Simmy says you are very talented. Amber says I can make good food too. She asks about his band. He says it was long back. After drinking tea, she takes out mouth organ and asks if he played it in college before. Amber says just blew. Simmy says even if it is talented. She plays it and gives to him. He cleans it with his tshirt and blows. She says it happens with everyone. Amber says he will teach her harmonium and tells that he don’t touch his phone and don’t like it. He says he will bring harmonium and takes his phone silently.

Anurag gives her a gift. Guneet says I didn’t bring any gift for you. He asks her to take. Guneet checks and says Kishore Da songs. He says it is original and not the digital copy. He tells that he had done a producer’s complicated surgery and he gifted him this. He says it was with me since many days, may be for her. Guneet says I can’t keep it, it is too precious. He asks her to keep it with her. Amber teaches Simmy to play harmonium. Guneet sends him kishore kumar cover photo of the gift. He replies if I get such gift then I am ready for marriage. He then sees Simmy and says he wants to shoot the phone. Anurag, Guneet and Pummy have dinner with Ruhi. Amber sings song and plays harmonium. Simmy listens to his song and smiles. Amber says class over. He says you have drank tea and it is cold weather outside. She asks about next time. He says we will talk. Simmy says ok.

Pummy asks Anurag if he talked to his mum. Anurag says yes and she started talking about Roka. Pummy says she is right. Anurag says I told her that we didn’t talk about it yet. Guneet asks what is the hurry? Pummy says we have to take the relation to next level and says you are meeting for marriage. Anurag says sorry and says I should have asked Guneet before telling mummy. He says this is the matter of life and he don’t want her to take a decision in a hurry. He says he is happy to meet her otherwise. Guneet thanks him.

Nia thinks of Amber confronting her and telling that he kicked him out of office. She calls Randeep and says hi. She says actually whatever happened in the office…Randeep says you want to say sorry and says it was my mistake to think that you told everything to your dad. Nia says I should have told you when Dad blasted seeing tshirt. Randeep says I said him sorry, but he didn’t agree. He says your dad said truly that my dad sent me here as he wanted to see my failing. He tells her that he will not let anything to happen to her dad’s office and says I will not tell my dad. Nia asks if he wants to meet her. Randeep says no Sharma. Nia says you have given cute name to Dad, Mr. S and called me Sharma ji..Randeep is outside her house and looks at her. He says you had a choice to accept my proposal, but you told that we shall accept each other decision. Nia asks where are you? Randeep says I am where, my love is. Nia looks out of window. He gets down and asks if she searched him out of window. Nia says no. He says bye Sharma and thinks he will not lose hope.

Guneet messages Amber if they can make relation with someone after three meetings. Amber asks shall I congratulate you. Guneet tells that she doesn’t know how it feels and says you would have married before and asks him to say. Amber says no violin plays, or light bulbs light up or wind blows…..He walks on the road messaging her. Guneet sees a biker about to hit him and shouts his name. Amber jumps. Biker scolds him. Amber says sorry. Guneet asks where is your concentration? Amber asks did you see me on mobile before and tells that he is talking to a relative who gave a bad news. He then messages her that nothing of that sort happens, but heart gets the feeling. He asks if she gets such feeling with that guy. Guneet thinks. Amber messages if there is a difference between the person who met three times and the person you didn’t see. Guneet looks on. She sees Amber using his phone and asks him. Amber tells that he is concerned for his relative. Guneet says I felt good that you are concerned for someone other than Nia also.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 6th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Amber teases Guneet that she got a gift from Anurag. Guneet asks if he is jealous and shows the gift which she got from Anurag. Amber is shocked.

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Telecast Date: 5th February 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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