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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4th September 2020 Episode starts with Amber waiting for Kajal and Nia after coming from room. He gets Guneet’s message that she likes pineapple. Amber says you said so fast and asks why did you take time? Guneet says I will meet and tell you. Amber asks when? Guneet says after 30 mins. Amber looks at the pineapple in the basket. Guneet messages him to take something to spend time. Amber thinks of Dr. Pandey’s words and thinks of Guneet. He imagines Guneet asking him if he will just stare her or will do something. Amber says I am doing and closes his eyes to kiss the pineapple. He hits his lips on the pineapple and injures his lips. Nia, Kajal and Manjiri come to his room and asks him to open the door. Amber opens the door and hides his lips keeping hand on the mouth. Nia asks him to move his hand and sees his injured lips. Manjiri and Kajal laugh. Nia sees Pineapple kept behind the pillow and says your lips are swollen and asks him to speak. She tells him why did he hide this big truth from her. She says you have grown so big that you are hiding things from me and walking on this path alone. She says it was my mistake, I overreacted with Guneet and didn’t understand her, but that doesn’t mean that we will be distanced. She asks if I am not needed in your life now. Amber says don’t say this, I have nothing without you. He says I don’t want to lie, I wanted to tell you, but there was something going in your life. He asks her to punish him. Nia says I am not a kid anymore. Amber says I will do whatever you ask me to do, if you want then I will leave Guneet. He says nothing is important to me than you in my life. Nia says ok, call Guneet ji and say this. Amber gets shocked and recalls his words to Guneet.

He takes out his phone and asks are you sure? Nia says yes and asks him to put the call on speaker. Guneet picks the call and says hello. Amber says yes….I…Guneet asks if one hour is over. Amber hesitantly tells her that he can’t meet her from now. Nia asks Amber to read this. Amber reads who were strangers till yesterday, have become very dear to us. Guneet asks if you are fine Amber ji. Nia says dad…and takes the call. Guneet says Nia. Nia asks can you come home? Guneet gets tensed. Nia smiles…and asks Amber what did he think that only he can hide. She says we will put ice on your swollen lips. Amber looks at Nia. Nia asks why are you looking at me like this. Amber holds her hand and hugs her. Nia hugs him and cries. Amber also cries and says I have become small infront of you and you have grown up. Nia asks what do you think that I will sit holding past and tells that we stays in present, being Sharmas. Amber smiles and hugs her. Song plays…..Nia says you are looking cute and asks him to come and apply ice on his lips. She brings ice and puts on his lips wrapped in the cloth. They get in teasing mood as Nia puts ice in his tshirt. Title song plays….Pammi comes there. Manjiri opens the door and greets her. Pammi tells that she was making sweets and tells that sugar was over. Manjiri says I will bring sugar. Pammi keeps Amber watch on the table, takes sugar from Manjiri and goes out. Manjiri lets the door open hearing Amber and Nia’s conversation. Amber asks Nia what she will talk to her. Nia says she will talk to her. Amber finds his watch on the table and asks where it was, I was searching it since two days. Nia says she doesn’t know. Pammi hears them from outside and goes.

Guneet comes there. Nia looks at her. Manjiri asks her not to get nervous. Amber asks Nia to talk to Guneet with calm and clear mind and with love. Guneet walks inside thinking about Nia’s words. Nia also thinks about her behavior and walks towards Guneet. She thinks of Amber’s words that he can’t leave his daughter. Guneet says hi to Nia. Nia smiles and forwards her hands towards Guneet. Guneet holds her hand. Nia says I misbehaved with you very badly, I shouldn’t have talked with you like that. Guneet says it was my mistake too, I got angry and slapped your dad. If I was on your place then would have kicked you out right then, atleast you gave me 2 days. Nia laughs. She brings Guneet inside.

She holds Amber’s hand and takes them both to Anjali’s pic. She says are you seeing your Ambu….and says mamma shall also know about you. He says Mamma was very progressive than you and would have understood that you was getting mad in Guneet ji’s love. Amber blushes and asks her to stop it. Nia gets emotional and tells Anjali’s pic that Dad is very happy with Guneet ji. Amber keeps his head on Nia’s head and hugs her. Guneet and Manjiri smiles. Guneet hugs Nia and Amber.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Amber asks Nia what to tell Pammi, to come and sit on my head as I fell in love with your daughter. Nia asks did you think about future? Amber says I will marry her. Pammi scolds Guneet for choosing Amber. Guneet says she loves him and wants to marry him. Pammi asks how much life is left. Amber comes there.

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Telecast Date:4th September 2020
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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