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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 31st January 2020 Episode Start With Amber waking up in the morning. Guneet messages him if he knows who was offered Zanjeer before it was offered to Amitabh bachchan. Amber replies. Guneet says first it was offered to Dharmendra and then…She says first tell me who is she, the only one? Amber says don’t take advantage of his helplessness and asks her to guess. He goes to bathroom keeping his phone on the table. Nia tries to check in his mobile and finds the password changed. He comes back from the bathroom and asks if the answer is Rajesh Khanna.

She asks who was she? He is about to write, it is her, then deletes it and writes he wrote it just like that. He asks if the other hero was jeetendra? Guneet says she will not say and asks him not to check on net. He goes to bathroom. Nia tries to open his phone, but it is locked. She goes to office and tells her friends. Kajal says your dad changed the password. Kabir says so this is that chat history matter and stops. Nia, Shri and Kajal ask him to say. Kabir tells that Amber asked him how to delete the chat history. They get happy thinking he is dating. Shri says they can know whom he is chatting with? Nia says no. Kajal says they will just see the woman’s face. Kabir says after the office hours and asks them to get back to work.

Amber messages Guneet to tell about the other heroes. Guneet replies you can’t be patient. Just then Amber collides with a girl. The girl scolds him politely and asks if he knows dancing. She shows his dancing video and says you don’t know dancing. Anurag comes down the car and greets Amber. His daughter tells that Amber collided with her. Amber says no. Guneet comes there and says hi to Anurag and his daughter. Anurag tells that his daughter wanted to meet her. Guneet and the girl call each other cute. Amber asks her to let him go. Guneet gives him side. Amber says he will be happy to see his tenant getting married and will play shehnai in her marriage. He goes. Anurag asks if he is such. Guneet says always. Nia tells Kajal about Kabir proposing her and says it is upto her to agree or not. Kajal says there is a chemistry between you both.

Pummy asks the girl if she wants to eat something and calls her Gudiya. The girl says she is Ruhi and asks if she knows English. Anurag scolds her politely. Guneet says she is saying right and tells that her name is Ruhi. Ruhi asks her not to give chocolate as dentist asks her not to eat that. Guneet shows her gold way items. Ruhi applies on her face. Anurag asks her not to trouble Guneet. Guneet asks what she wants to eat? Ruhi says chips. Guneet says it is in Amber’s kitchen. Ruhi asks if she is going to steal. Guneet says no and tells that they will ask him to give. They come downstairs. Amber waits for her answer. He sees Ruhi and Guneet and asks why they came? Ruhi says she wants chips. Amber says this is not your kitchen. Guneet says I thought to give Nia’s chips and tells Ruhi that uncle will not refuse.

Amber says if you will stop if I refuse and says you got habitual to take free items. Guneet says she will return chips tomorrow. They go to Amber’s kitchen and takes the chips. Ruhi keeps toothpaste between the biscuits and gives to Amber. Amber says nobody can get angry from kids. He takes it. Amber bites it and shouts at Ruhi. Ruhi runs away with guneet. Nia and Kabir come there and ask what happened? Amber complains to Nia about Anurag’s daughter. Kabir says your teeth are sparkling. Amber says I can break his teeth. Nia asks him to relax and says she will bring tea. Ruhi and Guneet laugh telling about their mischief. Anurag says you shouldn’t do this. Guneet says we will do more mischief. Ruhi kisses her. Anurag thanks Guneet. Nia and Kabir see amber’s phone on table. Kabir asks Nia what was his last password. They try. Nia asks him to try her birthday. Phone gets opened. Nia asks him to check. Kabir says he will kill me and runs to kitchen with her. Kabir says there are only two chats, one is of kirti and other is of baawra mann. Nia says baawra mann.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 3rd February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Pummy asks Guneet to say yes to Anurag. Guneet asks her to wait. Later Guneet messages Amber that she wants to meet him.

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Telecast Date: 31st January 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And sony Liv


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