Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th November 2019 Episode Start With Shri and Kajal coming to Amber and Nia’s house. Amber asks if they are kicked out from the job. Kajal says they are going to have party today and brought kabab. Nia asks them to come inside. Kabir says even I came. They all ask her to have party with him. Kabir asks what do you like to drink with us? Amber says Kaala Pani and tells that the punishment is severe there. Kajal asks him to have kabab. Amber asks for the plate. Kabir asks which film ticket to be booked. They tell that they will come there daily. Neha asks Amber to eat it. Nia gives him pizza. He refuses. Kabir asks Amber to sit, while they play the dart game. Nia recalls Shri’s words and tells that her idea to keep tenant was not good. She says that’s why I asked my friends to accompany you. Kabir says I will watch movies with you. Shri says I am your game partner. Kajal says I will bring tasty food for you. Amber asks about the dart game. Shri asks him to think that it is your enemy’s face. Amber sees Nia’s reflection in the mirror and throws dart on it. He says I have understood your game. Nia gets upset.

Guneet meets house owner’s men and tries to sell her moisturizer. One of them refuse to buy it. Guneet asks him to help her so that she can get new house and she vacate their owner’s house. He agrees.

Kabir comes to Amber and asks what do you want that Nia don’t go to US. He says it is her dream to go. Amber asks who are you, sapnon ke saudagar. He asks do you take commission to keep daughters away from fathers. Kabir says nobody can win from you. He asks if Nia will be happy with your doings, even you know the answer, you are her dad and loves her. He says Nia is going with us. Amber asks where? Kabir asks him to ask her. Amber asks him to say where is she going? He asks Nia. Nia asks them to go out and says she will come. Amber asks what? Nia says we shall try if you want to stay alone and tells that she is going to stay in Kajal’s house. She says she is tired. Amber asks if she is tired of him. Nia says I will message after reaching there. Amber says I will sleep early, don’t message me. Nia leaves.

Nia, Kabir, Shri and kajal watch TV at the latter’s house. Amber plays card game alone and misses Nia. Kajal asks Nia to message her dad. Nia says he must have eaten food and tells that she can’t ask him daily when she is in US due to the time difference, so they shall get habitual to the change. Amber talks to Anjali while eating food and tells that don’t know why she married him. He says he is having chana and don’t need anyone at his side. Nia tells her friends that they shall go to Jaipur highway. Shri says we have to go to office in the morning. Nia says you are boring. Kajal says I am sleepy and can’t come. Kabir asks Nia to talk to him. Amber plays music. He ties the cloth to the sink pipe and then washes the plate.

Kabir takes her out and asks if she is fine? He asks if she wants to go home. Nia says no. Kabir asks can you stay away from home for 2 years. Nia says you are sending me and don’t trust me. he says you don’t know that I…He says we are focusing on your dad, but don’t know if you can stay without uncle. Nia says I am enjoying here without dad. Kabir says you are trying hard to enjoy. He says you shall go peacefully, but not with a load. He says you both shall focus on your own life.

Nia couldn’t sleep in night. Amber also couldn’t sleep and keeps Anjali’s pic beside his bed. He says he will spend the evenings without Nia. He says he will live with her and will sleep peacefully. He lies down on the bed and tries to sleep.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Nia comes back home and finds the water filling up in the house. Guneet asks the men to catch the guy in SUV.


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