Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 26th November 2019 Episode Start With Amber getting upset seeing the agent showing the house to the tenants. He tells the people to take all ground floor and tells that top floor is black listed by nagar nigam. Nia asks what are you saying? Amber says we will not do any work by lying and tells that the rent is 60000 Rs and says if the kids play and the roof fall down, then how many kids you will give birth in this age. The couple leaves along with their son. Agent asks Nia if the house is about to fall down. Nia says no. She thanks Amber for making the couple go. Later Nia calls him to have food and says you made tenants go and is upset. She tries to take him, but when he don’t listen. She goes. Amber feels hungry and comes to kitchen to take the plate. Amber keeps the plate back. Nia wakes up and tells him that she will serve the food to him, but he goes without having it. Later she asks him to talk to her and asks what is this way?

Amber repairs kitchen cabinet with the hammer. She tells him that Shri or Kajal must have asked the agent to get tenants. Amber says house is mine, tenant will walk into my dead body. Nia asks what are you saying? He says this house is mine and the tenant will enter walking on my ………. Guneet’s mother tells that she will not leave this house. Guneet says we will make house wherever we go and asks her to think about people staying on road.

Amber tells that tenants are like cancer. Nia says they will be on first floor. Amber says I can’t take breath in anyone’s presence. Guneet tells her mother that she will get new neighbors, servant, milk man etc. Her mother agrees. Nia asks why we shall not keep the tenants and says if you need some help, then someone will help. Amber tells that he will befriend the neighbors and they all will be here. Nia says tenants will come to this house, I have decided. The tap gets broken and water comes out. Nia and Amber tie cloth on it. Title song plays…..Amber asks what do you get by troubling me. He says I am thinking for your betterment. He asks her to think about his bad, says may be I can be happy then. Nia thinks I can’t leave you alone in this house.

Amber comes to the yoga class. Yoga instructor says I asked you to bring yoga mat. Doctor Pandey tells him that he will talk to Amber. Amber feels hard to do yoga. Dr. Pandey asks him to bend and says everything will be fine. Amber asks him to concentrate on his practice. Dr. Pandey asks him to bend down a little. He tells that he don’t want any tenant. Dr. Pandey says Nia can go freely if you are safe and asks him to let her go.

The agent is taking Guneet and her mother in a rickshaw. Her mother tells that she can’t stay here. Guneet asks agent where is the house? Agent says this. Guneet scolds him for showing the house. There is a fighting going on there. Guneet’s mother boosts the men to beat each other. Guneet asks Agent to show the bungalow. Agent says it is in Ghaziabad and tells that daughter wants to give the house on rent, but the father don’t. Guneet takes her mother in the rickshaw. Nia asks Shri to think about the solution. Shri says lets play a game. Nia says no. shri says for me and tells that he is champion of this game. He wins in the game. Nia says you are good player. Shri says you are a bad player and tells that this is the strategy. He says tell your dad about the disadvantages of not keeping the tenant.

Ghanshyam brings the file which Guneet had taken. Amber appreciates Ghanshyam and asks Upadhya to learn from him. Guneet comes there and tells that she brought it.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Guneet asks Amber if he is not ashamed to call her gundi. They have an argument.


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