Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 25th November 2019 Episode Start With Amber scolding his employees for helping the lady (Guneet) and giving the file. Upadhya says we didn’t give the file, she snatched the file from you. Amber says it was my mistake and asks him to clean all the mess and keeps all files in its place. He asks Ghanshyam to smell the file and follow the smell, get the lady to him. He tells Upadhya that he will cut their salary for the phone loss. The house owner’s guy asks Guneet’s mother to vacate the house. Guneet’s mother tears the court notice.

Guneet comes there and tells that she will talk to the owner and will vacate the house in few days. She then gives her visiting card to him and closes the door. She asks her mum, why did she tear court notice. Her mum tells that she will not vacate the house. Guneet asks what is she doing? Her mother tells that she couldn’t give me a house. Guneet tells that she will get a bonus soon and gives her gift hamper. She tells that she will give her a house very soon and is hopeful.

Amber comes home and looks at his wife Anjali’s pic. He gets nostalgic and talks about Nia’s childhood. He reminisces playing hide and seek with him and tells that the house has become alone without her. He talks about her sarees seeing in the suitcase and tells that he manages to keep her sarees good. Nia comes home and hears the sad song playing…She comes to Amber’s room and then comes out, thinking where is he? He says life teaches different everytime. Nia comes to him. Amber says something is changing in this house, first you went and now…Nia hears him and cries. Amber says I am thinking to get this room closed, says what I will do coming here when alone, that downstairs room is enough for me. He asks Anjali to come with him and says we will shift there. He sees Nia hearing him and crying in the mirror. He gets up and poses like a hero to cheer her up. Nia runs to him and hugs him. She says I will not go to US leaving you. Amber says I talk to your mummy daily and tells that he gets adulation from her. He tells that he came to show her pic with visa to her mum. He says your mum had said that you will go to foreign one day. Nia says I will go to US for 2 years. He gives her Anjali’s saree and says that they will always be with her. He then plays the song ek dusre se……

In the morning, Nia tells Kabir, Shri and others about Amber dancing. They get surprised. Kabir asks what was it, and reminds about his test drive, electric shock etc. Nia says it is not confirmed that she will go there. She tells that everyone got settled in their families and now they had only two rooms occupied in a big house. She says if anything happens to Dad in her absence, if she thinks like that then feel that she shall not go. Kabir says so you don’t want to go. She says she wants someone to keep eye on him 24/7. Shri says I have an idea. Kabir says shall we install the camera. Shri says we shall search a tenant for your room who can keep eye on him. Nia says it is a good idea.

Later an agent comes to Amber’s house and asks about the room on rent. Amber refuses. Agent calls the tenant asking them to see the room. A couple comes there with the kids. The kids play football in his house. Nia asks them to play in the playground. Amber signs Nia about it. Nia gets a call and excuses herself.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Nia tells Amber that Kajal or Shri must have sent the agent and tells that even they don’t want him to be alone.


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