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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 23rd July 2020 Episode Amber telling Dr. Pandey that he is a donkey and the way he has broken her heart, her wounds will never be healed. Amber recalls telling her and a fb is shown, that he wants to become someone who will love her baawra mann fully and telling her that he is NDP. Guneet gets shocked and tries to go. He asks her to say something and stops her. Guneet goes to her house. Guneet says you have broken my heart two times. She tells Amber that NDP didn’t come that day, I might think that he don’t want to meet me, but even then I would have forgiven you. She says you saw me breaking down and crying for months. She says you lied to me and hide from me. She says I have broken my roka and you know why? She says NDP rejected me, but you broke my self-respect, I will not forgive you. He tries to go behind him. Guneet slaps him and walks away. Fb ends. Amber tells Dr. Pandey that this time mistake is his, he has lost love for second time. Dr. Pandey asks what?

Kajal, Kabir, Shri and Swara are in the office. Just then Rishi Burman comes there and Nia comes behind him. Shri says if Nia knows RB, it is a shock. Nia asks Rishi Burman to sit. She introduces them to everyone. Rishi asks them to make arrangements for the workshop and says he will join them in 2 mins. Nia tells Kabir and others that RB is staying in her house as a tenant. Swara looks upset. Amber tells Dr. Pandey that there is no chance of love now. Dr. Pandey says I want to say something. Amber says you are doctor, but your behavior is not of a doctor. Dr. pandey asks him to try again and says her anger must be melt down. Amber says I feel that she is not much sad, but very disappointed with me. Dr. Pandey asks him to talk to her. Amber says I can’t see hatred in her eyes again, I may forget once, but Nia can’t. Dr. Pandey asks if Nia knows this? Amber says yes, she is my daughter. He says if something happens between Guneet and Amber, then it won’t be happen without breaking Nia’s heart. He says he can’t do this. Dr. Pandey asks if anyone loses love because of child. Amber says my child loves me so much and is not like other children. Dr. Pandey says even I know, but I am sure that Nia knows that your love is true. He asks him to try once.

Rishi asks how many of you have seen buffalo giving milk. Shri raises his half hand and tells that he had seen buffalo stopping giving milk when he entered cow shed. Rishi says you can get information from the computer, but not knowledge. He asks them why they joined the workshop. He says he believes in making big businessman and says big businesses makes by itself. He says everyone shall have questions, even if there is no answers. Nia smiles. He asks Nia, why your father’s business is failing. He asks her not to tell that there is a problem in a tourism industry. He says I want to know the problems by tomorrow and goes.

Ghanshyam and Upadhya come to Amber and tells that drivers are not there. Amber says he will go out and search drivers. He says if Nia would have been here then would have given proper suggestion. Rishi asks Amber to think from where he has started. He says even now your heart is same, don’t know why you are trying to change. He says you will have good value in coming days. Amber says nobody wants to go to shop even to buy spoon. Rishi says there is convenience, but not affinity. He says don’t tell Nia, it is her homework.

Swara tells Nia that she would have told yesterday only that Rishi Burman is staying in her house. She says you have done this to get mentorship. Nia asks Kabir to tell that she doesn’t lie. Kabir tells that Nia doesn’t lie, but it is a co incidence that he becomes your tenant. He says good for you. He saks Swara to send the presentation.

Swara goes. Nia asks Kajal what is it? Kajal says may be Kabir is reciprocating Swara. Nia goes to Kabir. Kabir says we will meet after office.

Rishi calls Amber and gives him Guneet’s pic. He says she seems to be very beautiful, may be she was of your tenant. I feel that I should go from here as until I am here, you can’t bring her. He says you would have told her something. He says the way you are yearning for her, you would have reached her by now. Amber asks him not to interfere. Rishi says you shall jump in the pool and will learn swimming soon. Amber looks at Guneet’s pic.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 24th July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Guneet comes to Amber’s house and says you kept my stuff in your office, and offers rent for the same. Nia tells that Dad has bear her misbehavior, but she will not.

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Telecast Date:23rd July 2020
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