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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 1st September 2020  Kajal praising Amber that he has become stylish and sleek and his smile has become 500 volts from 100 volts. Amber says I am still the same and asks them to enjoy. Nia says you are enjoying. Amber asks what did you say? Nia says nothing. Amber leaves. Kajal says Kuch toh hua hai song…Nia says there is something happened in Dad’s life surely, we have to find out. Amber comes to his room and goes out from his window, thinks what is he doing at this age. He then goes to Guneet’s house secretly and moves the old stuff kept there. He then prays to God to make him reach Guneet’s house. He uses stairs kept there and messages Guneet that moon came infront of his window. Guneet says moon on the ground. He says on the window. Amber climbs up the stairs, but it fells down and he clings to the balcony railing at the right time. He tries to call out Guneet while the packet is in his mouth. Guneet sees him hanging on the balcony and comes out to pull him up. She pulls him up. Amber tells that he has brought something for her and tells that he will go back. Guneet asks what has happened to you and asks him to come inside. Pammi asks what happened to you Guneet while she is in sleep? Guneet pushes Amber on the bed and covers him with blanket. She tells Pammi that old man has gone spoiled. Guneet opens the parcel and eats the cake piece enjoying it, making some sound. He asks why are you making such sound. Guneet laughs.

Nia and Kajal come to Amber’s room. Nia pulls the blanket and finds pillows. She thinks what is happening here. Kajal laughs and tells that she used to do this when she had gone to meet her boyfriend. Nia looks out from the window. Pammi holds Amber’s hand in sleep. Guneet laughs and says she holds my hand in sleep. He manages to come down the bed, but his watch gets removed and falls down near the other side of her bed. Guneet takes out something from his cheeks as she sits close to him. He tells that he is not habitual to all this, so got uncomfortable. Guneet says its is ok. She enjoys the cake. Amber asks her not to make such sound. She laughs.

Kajal and Nia come out of their house. Nia is about to go from the door, but Kajal asks what you will say when Guneet sees you and asks her to come. Amber tells Guneet that he shall tell everything to Nia. Guneet asks how you will say and asks him to imagine that she is Nia. Amber says it is difficult to imagine you Nia. Guneet says Dad and asks him to tell as she is getting late for office. He tells that Guneet is a very good lady. Kajal asks Nia to climb up the stairs. Nia says Dad can’t climb the stairs. Kajal says I am sure that he has climbed these stairs and asks her to climb up. Nia climbs up the stairs and sees Amber and Guneet together.

Amber tells Guneet that he sees Guneet as a lady who has immense love in her heart, a lady who has never left hoping even after she was betrayed many times, tells that she has a courage and who can make a boring man like him as a poet. He says other men just look at her, but they can’t see what I am seeing in her. He says I am sitting here and having brownie with you, hearing your mother’s snores and thinking if God has calculated his good sins’s karma late and gave her as a fruit. He says you have taught me something which I had forgotten years ago. Guneet laughs and asks what? He holds her hand and writes something on her hand with his finger. She says love…..Amber nods his hand and tells that he feels that he shall tell everything to Nia, but is scared that if she doesn’t accept you in our lives then what will I do? Nia looks on.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Nia tells Manjiri and Kajal that Dad was not telling her about Guneet as she was upset with her. Manjiri asks will you forgive Guneet as she had slapped Amber. Nia says she can do anything for Amber’s happiness, but first she has to make sure that Guneet really loves Amber. Amber comes there and asks what happened?

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Telecast Date:1st September 2020
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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