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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 19th August 2020 Amber asks Nia if she is fine. Nia says yes. Amber says don’t know why Kajal messaged him. He asks are you fit and fine? Nia says she will become fit and fine very soon. Pammi and Shukla aunty cry loudly. Guneet asks them not to cry as if someone died. Pammi says God punished me and sending me away. Shukla aunty tells that if she is fed up of her parathas. Pammi says no. Guneet says we are just 2 kms away from here. Pammi and Shukla aunty cry more. The broker comes there and asks Guneet to get a letter from her old owner about her. Guneet says we were about to shift today. He asks for the letter. Guneet thinks what is the connection between us, our relation doesn’t end. She sees Amber looking at her secretly and asks what are you doing here? Amber tells that he thought she is going today and that’s why thought to see her. He asks if she is not going. Guneet says no. Amber comes down and asks what were you saying? Guneet says there is a problem? Amber asks shall I help? Guneet says I need a favor from you. Amber is surprised and comes to her. Guneet asks him if he will write reference letter and asks if you can write something good about me, 2 or 4 lines. Amber nods his head.

Kabir talks to the broker and tells that he wants a new house. RB comes there and asks Kabir if he gave work to Nia. Kabir says no. RB says I don’t want to hear this. Nia says it was not Kabir’s fault. RB says then it must be your mistake and says you have a problem Kabir, and until you have the problem, my work will be pending. Kabir says no, I don’t have the problem. RB asks them to sit on the floor and tells that new client thinks that you are giving more importance to his old client. Kabir says they have to make new client that they are important. Nia says so that they feel that we are committed. RB asks how you will make Swara feel committed. Kabir says so that she can move in with me in my house. RB says when you have house then why you are searching house. He says I don’t care if you stick to old relation or new, but the work shall not be affected. He asks them to focus on the project. Nia gets upset and sits to do work.

Amber looks at Guneet’s house and sits down. He looks at Guneet’s photo and writes the reference letter, praising her. Guneet makes Kheer in her house. Amber reads the letter and tells Dr. Pandey. Guneet comes there, listens to the letter and gets emotional. Dr. Pandey asks if this is a reference letter. Amber tells that he wrote 12 pages letter, and asks if he can make it less. Guneet enters inside. Dr. Pandey asks Amber to get Guneet edited the letter. She recalls the knob was stuck last time. Amber says it is fine now. She closes the door and tells that she had told him about the letter. Amber says it is ready. Guneet says I have written and asks him to sign. Amber opens the envelope and reads the letter, that they were his tenants and stayed their quietly, never interfered in his house, took care of his house, and gave rent at the right time. He reads that you shall not object to give them house. He laughs. Guneet says I used to give the rent. Amber tells that but not on time. They laugh. Manjiri comes and tries to hear them. Amber tells that the letter which she wrote was very formal and asks if she wants somewhat personal letter. Guneet says I heard everything, it is personal. Amber says he has written how she has taken good care of him when he met with an accident. Guneet says it was like nurse work.

Guneet shows the tiffin and tells that she brought kheer in it. Amber says you made kheer in it. Guneet says it is the custom in her house not to give empty box. She says it is without raisins as you don’t like it. Amber says he likes it. Guneet asks shall I take the letter and takes one page. Amber says there are 11 more. Guneet is surprised and takes all the papers. Manjiri meets Upadhya and leaves. Guneet sits in her car, starts reading the letter. She gets call from broker and he asks him if she will get reference letter. Guneet says she will get in 2-3 days. He says if she can’t shift soon then she can’t shift. She says she is not in a hurry and can shift in 1-2 weeks, or 1 month. He says no owner will stay till then. Guneet looks on.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Guneet gives letter to Amber. Amber reads I love you too and tries to hug her. She tries to hug him and smiles.

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Telecast Date:19th August 2020
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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