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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 16th March 2020 Written Episode, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 16th March 2020 Episode Start With Nia asking Amber if he likes Guneet then didn’t he like online lady. Amber tells her that Guneet Sikkha and Online lady are one. Nia shouts Guneet Sikkha. Amber keeps hand on her mouth and takes her to room. Guneet gives water to Pammi. Pammi asks why it is bitter? Guneet says it is vodka She taunts her for drinking bhaang. Pammi asks her to blame Amber, who had sent her. Guneet asks did Amber ji ask you to drink bhang, go with foreigners, or dance. She says if they have done something with you then what would have happen.

Pammi says who had planned all this. She says it was whose planning and car? She tells that Amber was calling Ghanshyam repeatedly and asked him to stop the car repeatedly. She tells that Amber doesn’t leave 2 rs and taunt us so much. She says he will not give free trip, he is taking out enmity on us. She says Amber got scared when she got missing and that’s why came with her to search her. She says how he got this change? Guneet says I will find out if he is really changed or taking revenge from you. Amber comes out of his house and calls Guneet. Guneet comes downstairs and looks at him. She holds his hands. Amber asks Guneet to sit on the bike extension seat.

Guneet sits on it. Saathi chal song plays…..The extension opens and they shout calling each other names. Nia imagines this and laughs. She says you both was talking and you didn’t realize. Amber says neither of us was having profile image updated. He says I came to know that day when I went to meet him. Nia laughs at him and says that’s why you returned home. Amber says it is my badluck. Nia says it is madness, no way. He says you are laughing at me and asks her to leave. Nia laughs and says Guneet Sikkha, mere dad ki dulhan. Amber looks at Nia standing out and laughing. He puts the curtains. Nia continues to laugh. Amber recalls telling Nia that Guneet Sikkha and baawra Mann is one. He comes to Nia’s room and finds her sleeping peacefully. He covers blanket on her and says a big kand happened, it is a big decision, remember that I will not do anything until you say yes. He keeps his hand on her head, says my beautiful child and goes out.

Guneet makes Ghanshyam eat food and forcefeeds in his mouth. Ghanshyam says he can’t eat more, else will vomit. Guneet asks Ghanshyam what is the matter? She says Amber ji never helped us and talk to us nicely before. She says what happened suddenly that he is talking to us nicely and sent my Maa for a trip. Ghanshyam says I knew only that Sahib asked me to take the ladies safely to Mathura, even if some more hours are taken. Guneet asks why did he say this? Ghanshyam says Pandey ji must be knowing as Sahib spends so much time with him. Amber hears two men talking and scolds them. He then hears Ghanshyam laughing and looks angrily. Shanti comes to his room and laughs. Amber scolds her and asks where is Nia? Shanti sends Nia to Amber’s room. Nia comes to room. Amber runs to bathroom and says I didn’t call you. She says sorry for laughing at him. She swears that she will not laugh at him and says please. Amber says I am not coming out. Nia says so, I will shout and tell that Guneet Sikkha and Baawra Mann are one.

Amber comes out. Nia stops. She says it is clear that Guneet and you are not a good match. Amber asks why? Nia takes him out and tells that she will write her pros and cons, to know if it is love or attraction. She asks what is her bad points. Amber says rude and mannerless when she gets angry. He says she has a crazy mother. Nia says she is quite interfering. Amber says she interferes in others matters. He then tells that her fingers are very long and laughs.

Guneet comes there asking Nia to help her as her mother’s ring got stuck in her finger. Nia checks her finger and turns to Amber and says you said right. Guneet asks what? Amber says I felt and told her that you will stuck your ring in your finger. Guneet asks how to take the ring out? Amber asks her to use coconut oil. Nia says it is in the cupboard. Guneet takes it out and tells them that she thought that she has to get the finger cut. She says I will remember this next time. Amber says your sense of humor is good. Guneet goes. He tells Nia that Guneet dries her hairs for a long time standing in the balcony. Nia says lets write some good points. Amber says Guneet Sikkha is Baawra Mann. Nia looks at him. Amber looks on.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 17th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Guneet asks Amber if he sent her mother as she was upset. She asks why you are bothered about me and asks why this change came in you. Amber looks on.

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Telecast Date: 16th March 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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