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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 14th January 2020 Episode Start With Amber showing his phone to the courier guy to search message on the dating App. Courier guy asks why is he wasting time, if one woman goes then many comes. Amber makes him leave. He tries to get his phone which fell down, but couldn’t. He relaxes on the sofa. Nia asks Upadhya to give file to someone. Randeep says whatever I said is final. Upadhya says nia is Amber’s daughter. Randeep says I am the partner and only my sayings will be implemented. Nia asks him to see the file first. He sees and says they are my ideas which I had shared. Nia says it is good and that’s why final. Randeep shakes hand with her. he asks her what is her idea? Nia says Dad will deal with you after his plaster is taken off. He says he will work with his Papa and friendship with her. He says he misses her. Nia says I don’t miss you.

Guneet gets a call and tells that they can meet whenever he wants. Pummy asks her to meet Dr. Anurag. Kabir’s boss scolds him for choosing Nia over other employees to send to US. Kabir tells that Nia’s dad has some issues. His boss asks him to fire her. Kabir requests him to give her a chance and says if anything happens then I am responsible.

Amber sees Guneet and tries to get his mobile from under the sofa. Amber says no need, asks if she gets social service feeling then she shall not use it here. Guneet is about to go. He asks her to help. She asks him to help himself.

Boss declares that they will relaunch their App with new designs and ideas in the market. He says our team will implement it and announces the team members’ names. He says Kajal, Shri and Paromita. Nia and her colleagues are shocked. Later she comes to Kabir. Kabir says sorry. Nia says you don’t need to and even I don’t need to say sorry to anyone. She says she will do it again and again for dad and has no regrets, even if she has to leave this company.

Doctor is removing the plaster using machine. Amber asks ghanshyam to search his phone with his eyes closed. Ghanshyam takes his phone out and asks why is he looking at him so carefully. Amber says it is all waste, but he is seeing something important.

Nia tells Kajal that she don’t want Kabir to spoil his relation with boss and don’t want him to say sorry. Kajal asks her to sit.

Guneet talks to Swara and tells that she has the target of 600. She gets Dr. Anurag Malhotra’s call who talks about their alliance. Pummy says she gave the number. Guneet asks him to send the details. Pummy asks her to meet him. Guneet says she is already stressed about the target and says you never understand my problem. Randeep comes there. Pummy tells that she has faced humiliation because of her. Guneet says if I had married 15 years back then I would have family, husband and kids. Pummy says nothing can happen. Randeep sees Guneet watering the plants and tells that he came to meet Nia. Guneet signs that she is coming down.

Nia asks kabir why is he risking his career for her. Kabir says not risk, but believe and tells that he trusts her compatibility. Nia says you might have lost your job. Kabir says you don’t trust my talent. Nia says she has much believe on his talent and friendship. She hugs him. He offers to drop her. Nia says she will take her bag.

Guneet talks to Randeep and says so you was that guy who is troubling Amber. Randeep says he doesn’t know that I was that America guy. Guneet says so you messaged him. Randeep tells that Nia thought him serious and got intense. He says if Nia wants then we will be friends. He shows the CD and asks what is her problem with arrange marriage. Guneet asks did you hear us? Randeep says I can help you and tells that he is an expert to handle his stubborn father. Guneet says problem is not about the marriage, but meeting someone in this age. Randeep says if Nia was not in the scene then I would have lined on you. Guneet looks on. She says when people marry in your age, then do for love, but in our age, when we marry, it is for helplessness.

Randeep asks her to meet someone and try. He says it is fun and thinks about nia. He gives her advice and asks her to meet the person for her mother. Guneet advices him to stop doing foolishness if he really likes Nia. She asks him to befriend Nia first and when she wants to take to next level then step ahead. He calls her Guru ji. Guneet says Nia is not at home. Randeep says all hard work is wasted. Nia comes there with Kabir in the car. She comes inside and asks Amber about her foot. She tells that Kabir came to meet him. Amber asks how did you come? Kabir says he came to drop her and going from here. Amber asks him to have coffee or tea. Nia goes to make it. Kabir says I will go. Nia asks him not to be scared and says I am making coffee this time. He asks if they can search the person on his App. Kabir says chat history and asks if he wants.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Pummy asks Guneet to meet the guy. Amber asks her why she don’t want to meet the guy. Guneet asks him why doesn’t he meet the woman as Nia wants.

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Telecast Date: 14th January 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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