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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13th March 2020 Episode Start With Guneet seeing a lady and asks are you my mother? The lady says no. Amber says there are many mummies here. Guneet says I have so many mothers here. Amber asks her to select some good mother and tells that old mother was kachkachi. Guneet asks what do you mean? Amber says she used to get irritated. Guneet sees Pammi and shouts Maa..Amber couldn’t see her in the crowd. Guneet is about to go, but Amber holds her and says they are hitting with stick, I will check and goes to Pammi while covering his head. Pammi hits him with stick. He shouts. Pammi stops and says you…Guneet takes the lathi and hits Amber in excitement. Amber falls down. Guneet hugs Pammi and falls down on the ground with her. She says I got my mother.

Swara tells Nia and Kajal that they are like her. Kabir says they work hard, but you work hardest. Swara tells them that she has decided to take We Net account. Nia says that’s ridiculous and says you said that you like our company etc. Swara says if I haven’t get We Net offer, then I would have choose you. Nia says our offer was best. Swara says We Net’s new offer is good. Nia tells Kabir that this is cheating. Kabir says this is negotiation. Swara says this is my decision and we shall be professionals and not emotional. Nia says I love my work and I love whatever I do, due to my emotions. She says you have taken a professional decision, they offer you business, but I was offering you my dream. She says she will not prefer to work with such people and leaves. She walks away with Kajal. Swara says why so much emotions.

Guneet tells Amber that if online guy NDP heard about this, then he would have laughed. Amber asks do you love him? Guneet says no, but she misses him very much. She says there was something in him surely. Amber says he….Guneet says he was so clever, if he would have been here then I would have hit him with the sticks much. Pammi asks them to come and tells that she was celebrating holi nicely here, you both came to take me. Guneet walks towards the jeep and tells Amber that she is seeing him double and asks who is the other one. Amber says that clever and cunning guy. Guneet says you can’t be this.

Nia tells Kajal that they are on ground zero, and tells that they have to reach the top. Kajal appreciates her speech to Swara. She says she is angry at Kabir and Shri. Nia says we shall not waste our energy on them. They start their work. Door is knocked. Nia opens the door and finds Amber. She asks about his condition. Amber says he had gone to search Mummy. Nia says Pammi. Amber says Mummy. Nia closes the door and asks where is aunty? Amber says she will come. Nia asks did you drink bhang? Amber says yes and stares at Guneet lovingly. Nia notices this. Guneet says your phone was with me and keeps the phone on the table. She wishes happy holi to Nia and tells that she found her Maa because of her Dad, says he shall open search centres for Mother. Amber thanks Guneet for his phone. Nia notices Amber staring Guneet. She asks Amber if he likes Guneet. Amber says you are mad? Nia says she is single, smart and good looking and says you’ re in love with her. Amber is about to tell. Nia says she is very clever, if she shouts then her voice will go to Shukla and Shuklayan’s house and did you see her eyes. Amber says her eyes are good. Nia says I thought you will not like anyone after Baawra Mann. She asks do you like Guneet? Amber says yes. Nia asks didn’t you like baawra mann. She asks how two? Amber tells her that Baawra Mann and Guneet sikkha is one. Nia is surprised.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 16th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Nia comes to know that Guneet and Amber were chatting without knowing their identities. Pammi tells Guneet that there is something wrong surely about Amber. Guneet says she will find out.

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Telecast Date: 13th March 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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