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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 12th August 2020 Episode starts with Kabir calling her selfish and says did you ever think once how I will`be confused after hearing you, what will happen to my relationship. He asks her to grow up. RB comes there and tells that they have gathered here for work and not for coffee. He says we have more work and time less. He asks Kabir and Nia to work as a team. He says this project will be headed by Kabir. He says he wants nothing less than perfection. Amber asks Shanti, Ghanshyam and Upadhya to give them an idea. He says he wants woman’s point of view and tells that he has started writing love story during lock down. He says guy loves the girl and wants to do something big.

He says he is thinking what to do something big. Shanti asks him to get some murder done. Ghanshyam asks him to scare her with ghost and then murder it. Upadhya says the story will end then. Amber offers a week bonus and asks them to think something filmy and good. He says what will hero do for his heroine. Upadhya says hero kidnaps heroine and then will marry her. Ghanshyam asks hero to take heroine to mela. Shanti asks him to take her for shopping. Amber says your romance is lower middle class. Kabir comes out and asks RB, why you made me project head. He says you have chosen Nia for mentorship, but chose me for the head. RB says I didn’t give you project as you had quit. He says Nia has the prodigy which you don’t have. He says you are not suitable for mentorship, but suitable for the project head. Nia comes there. RB asks if they have any problem. They say no. Kabir and Nia go back to house.

Dr. Pandey and Amber meet the physiotherapist. They take him to Guneet’s house and see other physiotherapist already there. Guneet tells that she thought she can’t shift now. Physiotherapist says she can walk, as it is a hairline fracture. Amber says if I am a doctor then wouldn’t have said this. He calls Pammi and asks what did you do with her? If she is gone. Physiotherapist tells that she got relieved and slept. Amber asks Guneet not to take pammi mummy from there before 3-4 weeks. Guneet says she knows how to handle her mummy. Dr. Pandey says we will leave and asks her to call him whenever needed. Guneet calls Amber. Amber asks Dr. Pandey to go and says he will come. Guneet says I have to give you some stuff. Amber says I will get the things kept in my office. Swara tells Kabir that RB has intentionally put them in one team. Nia tells Kajal about Kabir’s words and tells that he was her best friend, what happened if she fell in love with him late, tells that he is thinking me as child. She says she loves him. Swara asks Kabir to refuse to team up with Nia. Nia tells that he called me selfish and clever. She says I have lost my bestfriend and love. Kajal tries to pacifies her. Swara tells Kabir that the project is hers and she will not work with losers. Kabir says you know that Nia will work good, it is tough time for her. Swara asks what happened with her? Kabir says it is nothing. Swara asks aren’t we are couple? She asks him to say. Kabir tells that Nia loves him. Swara gets upset and sees Nia coming there.

She gets up to go and collides with Nia. She taunts Nia for doing coward like things. Nia says I told him on his face that I love him, he has the right to know being my best friend. Swara says you have no right now and tells that they are couple now, as she has no place between us. Nia says you will not tell me. Swara says she is not childish like her to send mail to someone else. She tells that Nia traps guys and does this with RB also to get mentorship. Kabir says it is enough and asks her to say sorry to Nia. He says you are pointing at her character. Swara says sorry and then says RB didn’t choose you on merit. She walks away from there. Kabir goes with her and looks at Nia while crying.

Guneet brings the flowers and tells that it was sent by you, it was 365 flowers. Guneet says there was 29 days in feb, so I have kept 1 with me and tells that she will send that tomorrow, says others are for you. She says every flower has its own story and likewise, there are relations which can’t be moved. She tells that she is leaving as she wants to go and not because she is angry with him. She says let me go for myself and asks him to stop doing all these. She says when you does all this things…let me go for my happiness. Amber looks down and upset.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Amber messages Guneet if she will give him a chance to talk and asks her to meet him for one last time. Guneet checks his message.

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Telecast Date:12th August 2020
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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