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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 10th February 2020 Episode Start With Anurag promising Guneet and hopes the same from her. Amber reaches home and sees them standing out, holding each other’s hands. He says police catches the persons doing vulgar things on road. Anurag leaves in his car. Amber asks Guneet to take care of things when she is living in the neighborhood. Guneet scolds him for interfering in her life. Amber says you interfered in my life outside the theatre. Guneet says it was concern if Nia would have been there then would have asked you too. Amber says if you tell anything to Nia then I will make your rent double. They go inside. Nia keeps magazine in Amber’s room. Amber calls her. Nia comes there and asks where did he go? Guneet says she saw him in the chemist shop, buying some medicine and says don’t know what. Amber says I went to cinema theatre. He throws apple on Guneet and says an apple a day, keeps the tenant away. Guneet catches the apple and goes to her room. Nia asks with whom? Amber says he went alone to see Deepika Kapoor’s movie poster. Nia laughs and says Deepika Padukone. Amber says we will watch the film together.

He comes to his room and feels ashamed to going to theatre to see the girl. He finds the magazine kept there and tears the papers which is relevant to him and keeps it in his tshirt. Nia calls Kabir and tells that dad is upto something. Upadhya and Ghanshyam find hard to talk to the customers whose booking they have taken. Upadhya tells that they have taken many orders, but they don’t have many cars and drivers and tells that he will take money for someone. Amber checks the dating tips page of the magazine and he is epitome of politeness and have a good sense of humour. He practices to talk to her. Upadhya and Ghanshyam see him and thinks he is looking changed.

Guneet and Ruhi come to the restaurant. Amber messages her asking what she has worn today. Guneet says ullu ki dum. Ruhi asks her to go and rinse her mouth. Guneet says she has said it with love.Ruhi says if she says it again then will make her stand. Guneet asks if you are clever old man. Amber laughs aloud and says nobody called me clever till now and messages that he is asking about her outer clothes. Guneet says she is wearing peach color stole. Upadhya and Ghanshyam look at him surprisingly. Ruhi asks her not to use mobile much. Amber asks if her house is near the theatre. She says yes and asks him to have tea in the restaurant near the theatre. Amber thinks if she is in the café nearby the cinema hall. He tells Upadhya and Ghanshyam that he is going home and asks them to close the office. He leaves and comes to the café. Nia comes to office. Upadhya and Ghanshyam tell her about Amber’s changed behavior. Nia gets thinking.

Amber comes inside the restaurant and looks for the peach color stole lady. A blind man asks him to drop him till outside. Amber takes him outside. The blind man turns out to be fine and says you have become bakra. Amber gets angry and throws his stick. Guneet and Ruhi leave from there. Amber enters there and couldn’t see Guneet. He finds a lady sitting there wearing peach color dress and he sings Baawra Mann repeatedly. The girl’s husband get up. Amber asks him to have food. He comes out.

Nia comes to her house and finds Randeep sleeping in his car outside her house. She recalls seeing his note with the gift. Nia makes him get up and asks why he slept there. Randeep tells that Papa kicked him out and took all his cards, and Amber kicked her out of the office. Nia asks him to have some money from her for hotel stay. He refuses. Nia says I will be back. Randeep says I am sleeping, don’t come. Nia calls someone and asks Randeep to come after brush, as she made arrangement for his stay.

Amber comes home and finds Kabir sitting. He calls Nia. Kabir says Nia is not at home, only I am here. He gives him coffee and says I made it for you. Amber asks what is the bad news? Kabir says you will tell if the news is good or bad. Amber asks if Nia sent him. Kabir says I came by myself for man to man talk. Amber says you came for man to man talks. Kabir says your insulting words will not work. He says I heard that you went to cinema hall. Amber says he went for meeting. Kabir asks if he met? Amber says he is nervous of meeting her till now. Kabir asks if she is girl or guy and asks if he saw her pic. Amber says her conversation is good. Kabir says you have to meet her. Amber says I can’t meet her. He looks at Anjali’s pic and says I never met anybody till now after she went and don’t let anyone come near me. He says he is afraid that same thing will happen again. Kabir says you can only end your fear. Amber says yes, but how. Just then Guneet comes there with Ruhi. Ruhi sneezes. Amber turns and looks at them.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 11th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Nia asks Amber why is he afraid? Amber messages Guneet that he wants to meet her if she is ready.

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Telecast Date: 10th February 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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