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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 9th September 2021 Pallavi tells Jaya, Sharda called for Ganesh Chaturthi, Jaya says are we going, Pallavi says no I don’t want to, Bqba again will create fuss and I don’t want to spoil festivals, Jaya says sometimes family members become so stubborn, look at Keerti she is mad behind Sunny, Pallavi says but setting her marriage without her permission, Jaya says she left me no option, Sunny walks in, and says Amma, Keerti told me you are forcing her to marry but she won’t be happy, we both love each other, I am here to ask to marry her, I beg you, I will keep her very happy, Raghav walks in and says we are rejecting your proposal get lost, Sunny says shall we talk like matures, let’s forget the past, Raghav says no, Sunny says what is your problem,

Raghav says you are problem, the one who can support Mandar, is not suitable for Keerti, Sunny says but I helped you with Mandar, Raghav says you had your own intention of revenge, and this is what I hate about you, so leave. Sunny says me and Keerti are adults and we don’t need anyones permission and Keerti wants Amma’s blessings or else, Raghav says you trying to warn me, Pallavi says Raghav control and Sunny leave before things get out of control and why do you always come here to create fuss.
Sunny says I am going now but no one can separate me and Keerti.

Pallavi and Jaya calms down Raghav, Pallavi says Sunny is right and don’t push them that they run and marry, Jaya says come what may she wont marry him, Keerti comes to them running, and says I saw Sunny’s car, where is Sunny, Raghav pulls Keerti and says go to your room, Keerti says what are you doing, Sunny is threatening me he will elope with you, let me see how, Amma calls. Mrs.Subramanian and fix meeting with Singapore guy, she will marry him next week. Pallavi says Raghav leave her don’t do this, its not right, Raghav locks Keerti in her room, Pallavi says this is not right, Raghav says the matter has crossed limits now, Sunny is threatening me and I won’t let that happen, you two keep an eye on her.

Jaya makes a call to Mrs. Subramanian. Pallavi says Raghav this is not a solution, she is not a kid, and if she marrys him will she be happy, Raghav says she won’t be happy with Sunny, Pallavi says I agree, but this is not the right way and Keerti will be against us, Jaya walks to them and says Jatin’s family will be here by tonight. Farhad says Mr. Murli is here for you.
Raghav tells Farhad that Mr. Murli won’t meet us here, Pallavi has doubts on us.

Murli says Raghav I am here to warn you, police is having an eye on us, and special police officer is coming to Hyderabad for this case. Pallavi goes to Keerti’s room with clothes and jewellery, Pallavi ways Keerti, Amma has asked you to get ready, Keerti says tell them I won’t, Pallavi says they aren’t your enemy its all for your good, and Sunny is not the right guy, Keerti says you know nothing about him, so dont say word, Pallavi says Sunny has threatened Raghav, Keerti says I could have elopped long back, I have my whole future here but no one understands me, Pallavi says they love you a lot, I tried talking to Raghav too but, Keerti says I have audit in office today and it is very important and I may loose your job, I know we are not on good terms but please let me go, please see its 8, I will come back by 9, please I beg you, and falls in Pallavi’s feet, Pallavi says enough Keerti, I am sorry I can’t do this, Raghav won’t understand, Keerti pushes Pallavi and locks her and leaves and says Pallavi I will be back in an hour please sorry

Staff hears Pallavi and open the door, Pallavi rushes behind Keerti, Pallavi sees Keerti leave and follows her, Keerti leaves in an auto. Pallavi says she left will she come back, but I have to tell Amma and Raghav. Rajan tells Pallavi, Amma is out and Raghav is in important meeting. Pallavi walks in Raghav’s study and sees Murli, and says its very urgent, Raghav says I am busy. Pallavi calls Farhad he doesn’t receive phone.

Amruta trying to get an auto, Farhad passing by sees her and stops, Farhad greets her and asks does she want lift, Amruta says I am going home, Farhad says I. going that way come I will drop you, Amruta says okay and sits behind him, Farhad says now we are friends right, Amruta smiles says yes.

Pallavi making arrangements, keeps looking at the watch, Pallavi says both Raghav and Amma are busy, who should I talk to and Keerti doesn’t have phone too, Amma walks in, Pallavi says Amma I have important thing to say, Amma says go Pallavi you talk to Keerti and get her ready I don’t want any fuss, Raghav says Jatin and family will come early, Mrs. Subramanian had called. Jatin and family arrives, Raghav welcomes them.
Raghav introduce Pallavi to everyone, Pallavi thinks of telling Amma about Keerti.
Pallavi says Amma, Keerti has, Raghav says Amma please come here, Jatin’s mom wants to talk to you.

Pallavi rushes inside and thinks what she can do now and says Keerti must be busy in office work and now what will she tell Raghav and Amma.
Jaya talks to Jatin, Jatin’s mom positive about Keerti and says call Keerti. Jaya sees Pallavi and asks Raghav to go check if Keerti need helps. Raghav walks to Pallavi and says where is Keerti. Sunny says she is here, Keerti walks in with Sunny in garlands. Raghav very angry. Jaya in shock, Jatin and family surprised. Keerti rushes to Jaya, Jaya says what have you done. Jatin says is she Keerti, Keerti says yes and he is my husband Mr. Sunny Ahuja.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jaya says Pallavi because of your negligence my daughter has married a bad person and so now you are responsible for this.Raghav says Pallavi I am done with it.Sunny hears Raghav say ask our all boys to go underground and says what business does he do.Raghav avoids Pallavi.Pallavi prays lord please give me strength that I fight and save my family from all hardships.

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Telecast Date:9th September 2021
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