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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th September 2021 Pallavi wakes up next to Raghav, she sees him asleep and smiles and says my Ghamandi Rao and frees her hand Raghav holding. Pallavi looks at the room its full messy, she looks at herself in the mirror and sees her necklace is missing and starts looking for it every where, Raghav wakes up with the noise and asks whats wrong why are you so tensed, Pallavi says the necklace is missing, Raghav says calm down it must be here only come lets check, Raghav joins her finding the necklace, Pallavi starts panicking, Raghav says calm down, Pallavi says I went dining table to have some water. Pallavi Raghav checking near dining table, Jaya asks whats wrong, Pallavi says she lost expensive necklace gifted by Raghav, Laxmi looks at them and remember he has picked it up in the morning, Rama asks him what are you doing, Laxmi says I have my mothers operation will go for 2 hrs and come back.

Farhad asks Raghav whats wrong, Raghav says Pallavi’s necklace is missing and no one has come inside or left, I want to find the man in 1 hr, Pallavi says its not fair to question our staff, they are with us since long, lets make a police complaint, Raghav and Farhad look at eachother, Jaya says okay, Farhad says Raghav you come with me we will call Commissioner.

Kirti says to Sunny, now Raghav will say yes for our wedding, Sunny says here is our marriage application, Kirti says let me talk to Amma once. Sunny says okay.

Raghav says to Farhad we haven’t paid custom duty on those diamond’s, we can’t lodge a compliant, Farhad says I know everything, Raghav says Pallavi doesn’t know that I don’t pay custom duty on diamonds, so we have to find necklace without Police complaint, Farhad says she will find some day but, Raghav says she hasn’t till now why will she and husband can run ber business any how, wife shouldn’t have any problem with it.

Kirti practicing to tells Jaya, that she wants to marry Sunny, Jaya walks her room, Kirti asks whats wrong why is she tensed, Jaya says she is checking necklace, Amma says yesterday Sunny came to drop you right, Kirti says what are you saying, Jaya says did Sunny steal it, Kirti says he helped Raghav and you call him thief, Jaya says he did that to take revenge from Mandar, Jaya gets call, she asks Kirti to receive it, Kirti hears that some guy Jaya had selected is back from Singapore, Kirti says no appointment neesed, Jaya takes phone back and says I will call back in 1 hr, Kirti says what nonsense is this, Jaya says he is good guy, Kirti says how dare, Raghav and Pallavi walk in, Raghav scolds Kirti says mind your language, she is your mother, Kirti says ask her to behave, Raghav says I know what she is doing, and you will meet the guy, Kirti says I wont what will you do, Raghav says I will send him such place no social media will be able to find him,and behave in front of Amma, I won’t tolerate this anymore and you are under my surveillance now.

Amruta helping Sharda walk, and says soon you will walk, Sulochana and Mansi doing kitchen work, Milind says I finalised Ganpati, Vijay says there will be no festivals in this house, my son is in jail, do you have some shame, Milind says but, Sharda says Milind shameful must be the culprit and not Milind, God has saved us from Mandar’s sins, and so we will bring Ganpati, all happy, Vijay leaves in anger.

Pallavi asks Raghav did she talk to commissioner, Raghav says I personally spoke to him, Pallavi says Raghav you are too strict with Kirti, Raghav gets call and he says yes I am coming, Raghav tells Pallavi they found necklace.

Farhad hits Laxmi and says Rama told me about you, and I had doubt since then that it was you, Raghav reaches there, Sunny sees him, Laxmi falls to hit feet and says Anna please forgive me, Raghav says I do everything for you people then why did you steal, Farhad says I knew ot was him and he went to his jewellery shop, Jeweller says Anna give him to police, Raghav says you leave dont tell me what to do, Raghav gets money from his car and gives it to Laxmi, and says this is for your parents take it and leave, don’t come in front of me again and forget all that happened. Sunny confuse seeing everything.

Pallavi is informed her necklace is found. Pallavi tells Krishna that her necklace is found and she was feeling so guilty, good he lodged a complain and now I can also talk to Raghav about Kirti, Krishna says forget her, she wont understand till Sunny is with her, he just looks smart but is very bad, Pallavi says you find him smart, you marry him then, Krishna says he called me baloon last time, and why will he marry a fatty like me, Pallavi says don’t talk such nonsense, Pallavi sees newspaper that commissioner is under bypass surgery and will be in 10 days ICU and if he is in hospital who did Raghav talk to and why is he lying.

Sunny at his home thinking why did Raghav leave that thief, Kirti calls Sunny and tells him about Singapore guy, Sunny says stay there I am coming. Raghav looking at necklace, Pallavi walks to him, Raghav says here is your gift, Pallavi asks who stole, Raghav says new staff, come wear this, Pallavi stops him and says commissioner had bypass surgery and is hospitalised, why are you lying, you didn’t complaint last time as well, why didn’t you complaint, why did you lie what is it that you are hiding, Raghav says I agree I lied but this is my work and I do it the way I like and at the end taking care of you all is my responsibility and so let me do, Pallavi says but complaint is necessary, Raghav says we both have different ways of working, and people handle things there way, Pallavi says I agree somewhat, but still you lied, Raghav holds his ears and says I am sorry.

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Telecast Date:8th September 2021
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