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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 7th September 2021 Mandar asks Raghav to shoot himself or else he will kill Pallavi, Pallavi asks Raghav not to, Milind says don’t Raghav, Vijay steps in says don’t Raghav. Mandar gets hit by a pot, and be falls down, Raghav rushes to Pallavi and asks is she fine, all see Sharda has thrown the pot, Mansi, Sulochana, Amruta go help Sharda. Milind says unbelievable Vahini, Sharda says to kill this monster, he pushed me and killed Devyani too, I knew on the first night of Pallavi and Mandar wedding so I called him to meet him, and he pushed me too but fell himself.
Pallavi says why didn’t you tell us, Sharda says it wasn’t required then, I told him to stay away from Pallavi and if someone still wants to support this monster he is dead for me. Raghav says Mandar you dont deserve to be called Deshmukh, proof is already with Police.

Mandar frees himself and attacks Raghav. Police walks in arrests him, Vijay says leave my son, Milind says have you lost it, you still believe him. Mandar says don’t think Mandar has lost, this story won’t end till I win, and Pallavi wait for me I will come back. Police asks Pallavi and Raghav to stay in town for further investigation if needed, Raghav says okay, Vijay runs behind inspector.

Sunny walks to Raghav says I will leave now, Raghav says thank you but dont ask about Kirti, Sunny says I know I won’t and leaves.

Jaya asks Farhad did Raghav call, Farhad says no, Jaya says he called me yesterday that he will return with Pallavi, but there is no news yet, I am so worried, Kirti says Amma don’t worry, Raghav and Pallavi will come back safely and Sunny is with them to help, Jaya says I don’t believe people like him, and if Sunny says he will help Raghav means he has no option left but support Raghav, anyways I am waiting for my Pallavi and Raghav.

Vijay says to everyone, you are celebrating by destroying my son, its a fathers curse, you will all have sorrows in return especially Pallavi and Raghav, because of her he went mad and she left him, you didn’t give chance for him to change but sent in jail and are you all mad to support her, this girl I will never forget her, she doesn’t exist for me and leaves. Pallavi tries to stop him, Sharda says let him go, nothing can change him, Sharda calls Raghav near her and says Pallavi go home, handle your house, and Raghav keepy daughter happy, Raghav says I will and gives Pallavi’s hand in Raghav’s.

Jaya worried in Rao Mansion and its too late, Pallavi rushes to her and hugs her and says I missed you so much, and I so relieved to come back, Jaya says I missed you too, Raghav says don’t worry all is good Mandar is in jail now, Jaya says Pallavi are you done staying there or, Pallavi says no no I am staying here only. Jaya says come lets have dinner. Pallavi says no Amma I am very tired, I just want to go to bed, Jaya says no have something, Pallavi says I will cook yummy breakfast tomorrow and have it together tomorrow, Jaya says okay go.

Mansi goes to Sulochana closes door and asks why did you join Kaku and Baba’s team, Sulochana says we have no other option, Mansi says lets help him, and Kaka is with us too, Sulochana says we will have to go jail then and that old man is mad, so stay with your baba and be safe.

Pallavi lies on her bed and says oh this room has forgotten me, Raghav says so much drama, Pallavi says yes too much drama and I just want to go to sleep. Pallavi sees a box in her cupboard, Raghav smiles, Pallavi says Raghav did you keep it, Raghav says open now, Pallavi opens and sees a diamond necklace and says its so beautiful, you made this for me, thank you so much, it looks so expensive, Raghav says yes so, you are my wife now, Pallavi says but I am still the old me, I can’t handle this, keep it, Raghav says you are Jayti Jeweller owners wife, and you should have 50 like this, Pallavi says this nature won’t go, Raghav says time changes everything even values, Pallavi says not values, if a person changes his values he is not trust worthy, Raghav says okay enough of all this, if you don’t want to wear its okay I will think my 23 lakhs washed away, Pallavi says what 23 lakhs, Raghav says this is best uncut diamonds, its for 50 lakhs, but I got for 23, Pallavi asks why, Raghav says first value now business, Pallavi says sorry but as per price this belong to bank locker, Raghav makes puppy face, Pallavi says dont do that, Raghav says tomorrow keep it in locker, today wear it, Pallavi says okay, Raghav takes her along with him to date set up, Raghav puts necklace on her, opens champagne, and both have a glass. Raghav puts on music, and both dance.
Raghav and Pallavi start fooling around, Raghav holds her and puts her on bed, Raghav goes lock their room and walks to Pallavi and sees she fell asleep, he kisses her forehead and lies beside her.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi wakes up and sees her necklace is missing, Raghav asks what’s wrong, Pallavi says my necklace, and says Raghav lodge complaint and they will help us.Raghav says Farhad we have to find the thief without informing police.Pallavi says the commissioner helped you find the necklace is it, but he is in hospital past 4 days, you lied Raghav.

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Telecast Date:7th September 2021
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