Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 6th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 6th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 6th May 2021 Pallavi asks Raghav to put Mangalsutra..

Sharda says to Vijay, because of your anger this has happened, we lost Pallavi…

Pallavi faints, Raghav lifts her…

Sometime back..

Pallavi sees Sharda, Sharda asks what all is this, Sulochana says Kirti was right, this is Pallavi’s true face, good she is thrown out of house, she is a mess, nonsense drama everyday, she grabbed the first opportunity to get rich look this is your daughter, characterless girl, Sharda yells at Sulochana and asks Pallavi what is this, and asks the reason, says your mother is here tell me what is the reason, has he tortured you tell me I will fight for you, come with me, and pulls her, Pallavi stops Sharda, and says where you want me to take, Sharda says our house, Pallavi says which house where I was thrown out late night because of Raghav and you people agreed that, Sharda says I agree that was all wrong, I will live separate with you, Pallavi asks what about Baba, I agree he has thrown me out of house, but he is my father, how do you think I will let you do this, when he needs you the most, Sulochana says enough Pallavi tell me you want all this luxury, Pallavi says yes I do and what is wrong in it even you want all this for your daughter’s, I kept quite everytime you spoke nonsense, stop it now before I cross lines. Sharda says but how will I let you marry him, he is reason people are questioning your character, Pallavi says the way you allowed me leave the house, our relations are weak and so they broke, Sharda says Pallavi please stop this and come with me, Pallavi thinks sorry I wont Aai, till I punish Raghav for all that he has done, I wont return this time and Pallavi walks back to Raghav and asks him to put Mangalsutra.

Raghav puts Mangalsutra in Pallavi’s neck, Sharda sees that and runs away, Sulochana follows, Raghav says congratulations Pallavi we are married, Pallavi thinks I bought my families happiness by marrying you, and in return I will just give you torture and destroy you. Raghav says Pallavi this marriage is just a deal, remember that, Jaya and Kirti arrive, Pallavi faints, Raghav picks her, Farhad asks what happened, Raghav asks him to call doctor quickly, Jaya follows Raghav, Raghav puts Pallavi on bed and puts blanket over her, Jaya asks.what happened to her, Raghav says may be stress, relax, and be happy we are together and for your welcome I have arranged grand party, Jaya asks what about your marriage, Raghav says combination our marriage and your welcome, Jaya says tell me the truth, you married so quickly and there is no one from Pallavi’s family too and I trusted you dont spoil it again, Raghav says relax and leaves.

Jaya decides to call Sharda and finds her number is not available. Vijay tells Sharda look I am discharged and Nikhil is completing all formalities, Sharda says all ia finished, why did you do this, Vijay asks what, Sharda says because of your stubbornness and anger we lost Pallavi, Vijay asks what, Sharda says there is surely something behind it, Pallavi married Raghav but if you would have trusted her my daughter would be with me and a mother will never forgive you, Vijay says I want to go home.

Sharda reaches home and hears radio song and think’s its Pallavi and calls for Pallavi says Vijay your favourite song where is Pallavi, Vijay breaks radio, and says no one will speak about Pallavi in this house, she is dead for us.

Pallavi wakes up, Kirti says relax Pallavi and are you fine, doctor says your BP dropped and so you fainted and Krishna called she said Vijay is home, Kirti asks are you fine, Pallavi asks what, Kirti says I know something is fishy behind this marriage is there any problem, Jaya says Pallavi I know everything about Raghav, but when I kept the condition to marry Raghav, Pallavi asks what, Jaya says Raghav didnt tell you, I spoke to your mother once and she said she wants to see you settle and only a disciplined girl like you can settle with Raghav and so I asked him to marry you, Pallavi remembers Raghav’s condition to not tell Amma and Kirtu about the deal, Kirti asks Pallavi os everything sorted, Raghav walks in says no.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 7th May 2021 6th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi walks in the party says I am Mrs. Pallavi Raghav Rao, Raghav says why are you wearing white don’t you know it’s meaning, Pallavi says you are telling a widow about it.

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Telecast Date:6th May 2021
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