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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 5th October 2021 Isha opens her cupboard and gets an album and looks at her and Raghav’s photos and smiles. Isha remembers meeting Raghav after her wedding….Raghav says how can you marry Isha, Isha says just like everyone does, Raghav asks what about us, Isha says we need money to survive and you don’t have any, you have no status, this bike you ride is also borrowed and one I am marrying has lot of money, expensive cars, gifts takes me to expensive restaurants, Raghav says give me time I will get everything you want, Isha argues Raghav slaps her…….

Isha says Raghav I lied to you that night, it changed my life, I couldn’t tell you the turth, that evening changed everything but now, Isha gets call from her boss, he says he is waiting downstairs they have to go meet Raghav, Isha says okay and prays God please give me strength to face Raghav.

Sunny whispers to Keerti why has Raghav called us whole staff, is he increasing their salary because he is happy for us, Raghav walks to everyone and then hugs Keerti says you made us a very happy, you will be a great Mom but may be I may not be here to see your child grow, Fahad confused, Keerti says what happened,

Raghav says I will be going soon, Sunny asks are you shifting. Pallavi walks in, she looks at everyone in confusion. Raghav says Pallavi look everyone is here, now tell us what major illness I have. Pallavi says I can’t tell in front of everyone, Raghav says they have right to know. Pallavi says one minute and goes to dining table and calls him near her.

Pallavi says to Raghav, I can’t tell you but show you and makes a cup of coffee, and dips a biscuit in tea makes it soggy and says this is what has happened because of excessive drinking, Raghav asks what do you mean. Pallavi leaves. Sunny asks Keerti what all is happening.

Pallavi goes to her room and says now Raghav will leave whiskey when he will learn about kids, I will lie and get rid of his alcohol. Raghav walks in and says tell me clearly what has happened, Pallavi says look you will feel bad but I am always with you, I know whiskey was part of your life but she will harm right, Raghav says stop all this tell the truth, Pallavi says sit and says your excessive drinking because of which you can’t be a father, Raghav says how can you say that, Pallavi says doctor has checked twice and here have whiskey enjoy now you are harmed already I won’t stop you from drinking here have this bottle. Raghav gets scared says thank you and leaves

Farhad asks Raghav what did Pallavi tell him, Raghav says I can never be a father, Farhad says how is this possible lets talk to our family doctor, Raghav saya good idea. Pallavi locks her in ro and informs doctor about her lie and asks not to pick Raghav’s call. Raghav walks in, goes gets some files. Keerti walks in and asks for kids name books, and thanks Pallavi for being there for her, Pallavi says I am going to be Mami and I also found my friend. Keerti says Raghav even you and Pallavi should think about family, Pallavi hears that a smiles, Raghav says okay, Pallavi says here is the book,

Keerti says even you should think about family and our kids will grow together that will be so much fun. Raghav ignores conversation, Pallavi says we will have kid when God wants to, Keerti says what do you mean, Pallavi says you tell Keerti, Raghav says there is no problem, even I will have a family, we will 8-9 kids before Keerti and leaves. Keerti confused asks Pallavi what has happened, Pallavi says all good, you go finalise the names. Keerti leaves. Pallavi says poor Raghav he was so upset, I am so sorry about lying but I had for his for life.

Mr. Dasri calls Farhad to confirm meeting, Farhad asks Kanta to make arrangements for meeting and ask Rajan to cook dishesh, Kanta tells him Rajan is unwell, Keerti says I will manage don’t worry, Farhad says why you, Keerti says Amma and Pallavi aren’t home so I will look after, Farhad says it’s important so keeo Sunny, Keerti says stop it, you are an assistant be like one don’t interfere iny personal matters. Farhad says okay and leaves.

Raghav tries calling doctor but doctor doesn’t receive call. Farhad says Vastu expert and Mr. Dasri are coming, their Vastu expert is also their chief jewellery designer, Raghav says I have different effect on girls, Mr. Dasri is a done deal, his girl will be nervous in front of my charm.

Isha amd Mr. Dasri on their way to Raghav’s, He asks Isha why is she so nervous, she usually isn’t, Isha says just nervous about meeting Raghav Rao, Dasri says don’t worry you should meet him, he is a very good guy, haven’t you met before, Isha says no, Dasri says he is very successful business and has around 200 stores and had started from scratch. Isha drops coffee on her dress, Isha says how can I ho meeting like this, Dasri says lets get you changed in some boutique near by.

They reach Pallavi’s boutique. Dasri hands Isha credit card and says get whatever required. Isha says here all are saree shops how can I wear saree for meeting, Pallavi walks to them and asks why, I mean sorry I over heard you but couldn’t help reacting, Isha says so you mean I can wear saree for meetings, Pallavi says why not, Sarees are best and fit in everything and can you show you a best option, Isha says would love to try.

Pallavi shows her some options, Isha gets confused, Pallavi says is this meeting important, Isha says you can say so I. meeting someone after long, Pallavi says here come with me and shows a saree to Isha, Isha likes it. Pallavi says person you are meeting will also like it, Isha says how can you be so sure, Pallavi says this is Hyderabad best weaving even I have a similar saree, my husband loves it, even your special friend will like it, Isha says there is no special friend, Pallavi says all the best for meeting, I hope you success and may your life change, Isha says my life was changed a lot years back and I don’t want it to now.


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Isha sees Pallavi in Rao Mansion and asks her how come she is here, Pallavi says this is my house,I am Mrs. Pallavi Raghav Rao, Raghav sees Isha gets angry, Isha drops her plate seeing Raghav

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Telecast Date:5th October 2021
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